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Kriti Sanon's Morning Skincare Routine Promises Refreshed, Radiant Skin

Beauty girls, take note. 

If smooth, spotless skin is what you desire—perhaps, jumping on a structured skincare routine will do you some good. Agreed, your skin concerns are yours alone, but that in no way means that taking a cue or two from a celebrity won't bore you with a couple of beauty benefits. Actor Kriti Sanon recently revealed her morning skincare routine, and hawk-eyed beauty girls—and guys—are watchin'. Allow us to break it down for y'all. 


It was the pandemic that suckered Sanon into becoming a beauty junkie. "Skincare for me is very important...I kind of realised that it really works when you do form a routine. Since then, I have had a skincare routine that I keep rotating, trying different things, trying new products, seeing what works for me and what doesn't. So disclaimer, I am not a dermatologist—so do not blindly follow what I'm doing. But everything that I have done, or I am going to show or use today, is something that I have researched and it's worked for me—and my skin," the 31-year-old confessed. 


Step 1: Mask On


The star kickstarts her mornings with a generous dose of hydration and nourishment; antioxidants, Vitamin C, the works. Post a quick cleanse, apply a mask suitable to your skin type across your face and neck, using your fingertips. Let's hydrate from within, too, shall we? Drink up on warm water with a slice of lemon while you wait it out. After 20-30 minutes, wash off the mask and dab your face dry with a soft microfibre towel. 


Step 2: Toner


As you make your way from thinner to thicker products, remember to include a toner. Kriti swears by a potent, niacinamide-based formula that helps treat acne, visibly brightens, rebuilds healthy skin cells, protects against sun damage, and reduces sebum overproduction. 


Step 3: Vitamin C 


On the lookout for an ingredient that fights free radical damage and boosts collagen production? The search ends here. Invite a Vitamin-C-based serum into your skincare routine stat. And, don't forget to hydrate your eyelids! 


Step 4: A Moisturising SPF


The celebrity ain't a fan of layering up on one too many products. Hence, she has opted for a formula that offers the best of both worlds—moisture as well as sun protection. Her product pick also lends the goodness of ceramides. If she is stepping out for the day, she tends to mix her moisturising sunscreen with a tinted one. "Some sort of peptide or ceramide in your daily routine is very important—for elasticity," she recommends. 


Step 5: Lip Balm 


Pucker up and end your routine with a hydrating lip balm. Apply the residue of the product on your crows' feet to lock in the moisture and prevent water loss. Voila!