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Got a sudden breakout? These 5 pimple patches are here to the rescue

Your pesky zit will not know what hit it!

If there was an award for the untimeliest guest ever, it would go to pimples. They pop up announced, stay on for days, and leave scars in their wake. I don’t know about you, but even though acne is *very* much natural, a red zit on my face calling for attention like a siren doesn’t make me feel all that good about myself, especially ahead of an important event. During those times, I find myself reaching for a pimple patch the night before to help fight the inflammation and reduce the pimple, if not get rid of it completely.

Here’s a list of all the acne patches in the market we absolutely love.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch


The Cosrx pimple patches that come in a pack of 24 are quite popular for a reason—they get the job done and they do it well! Make the most of their quick-acting formula for all sorts of problem areas—from wounds, to post-blackhead inflammation, or simply use it as a spot concealer. Just slap them on your problem areas, go to bed and let the patches do their thing!


Gush Dart It–Pimple Patches


Pimple patches are either formulated to be transparent and barely visible to the naked eye or are bright spots of happy colours and fun designs. The Dart It patches by Gush Beauty fall squarely in the latter category. Available in cute shapes like flowers and hearts, they will help you feel a little less annoyed with your zit. The vegan patches combine hydrocolloid with tea tree oil and calendula oil to help flatten your acne within eight hours. To pimples we say, bring it on!


The Face Shop Dr.Belmeur Clarifying Spot Soothing Patches

The Face Shop

If you’d rather go the invisible route, then always keep a pack of The Face Shop’s patches at hand. The ultra-thin and water-resistant patches come with a special edge that provides coverage that not even the nosiest neighbourhood aunties will be able to spot. They’re packed with a mix of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and fireweed extract—all three are known to soothe inflammation. And the best part, like most pimple patches, they keep you from picking at your acne and making the whole thing worse. It’s a win-win!


Nua Acne Healing Patch


Waterproof and transparent, the acne healing patches by Nua claim to flatten active acne within eight hours. They are also bolstered with the usual ingredients that one finds in pimple patches, like hydrocolloid. Snag the pack of 30 that is available in two sizes of 12mm and 10mm—the motto is that no pimple big or small should be left untreated!


The Derma Co. Micro-Tip Salicylic Acid Patches with Hydrocolloid

Derma Co.

What’s better than just hydrocolloid? The winning combo of hydrocolloid and salicylic acid—both are known for being pimple busters and are present in the clear, adhesive patches by Derma Co. The patches help decrease the intensity of acne by extracting excess oil, pus, and bacteria. For best results, apply on your troublesome zit before bedtime to wake up to a subdued pimple.