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Adele just switched up her signature bombshell curls for this retro 90s hair look

We're so on board with this revival.

It's a rare sight to see Adele without her signature Old Hollywood curls. It's certainly become her go-to hairstyle over the years and who can blame her? Her buttery strands are made for volumous curls. However, when the singer stepped on stage at her latest Las Vegas residency show with poker-straight hair, we had to do a double take. I mean, Cher Horowitz, is that you?

Sure, it's not the most drastic hair transformation we've seen as of late (Gisele and her new red hair took this crown), but there's no denying the difference curls vs. straight hair can have to one's face. Just scroll through her latest Instagram post to see for yourself:


Although her hair has definitely been straightened, what gives it the 90s vibes is the volume and fluffiness, as well as the way the ends are flicked inwards. It's the signature retro nineties look that Alicia Silverstone (AKA, Cher) sported in the cult classic film, Clueless. Adele also seems like the kind of gal that would be able to quote the film off by heart (like moi), so here's hoping this isn't just a coincidence and the Grammy winner is a fangirl just like the rest of us.

Serious question now – is there anything Adele can't do?

Although it's yet to be officially confirmed, we're going to go ahead and assume Adele's usual hairdresser, Sami Knight, was responsible for this look.

Can you think of a better gig than going on tour with Adele and doing her hair every night? You've really won at life, Sami.

Credit: Cosmopolitan