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Are we going back to the soft girl aesthetic era?

Step into a world of dreamy pastels, oversized sweaters, and delicate accessories!

Remember the days when beauty meant embracing innocence, vulnerability, and a touch of nostalgia? Well, the soft girl trend is here to whisk us away to that magical era once again. First making waves on TikTok and Instagram in 2019, this charming style quickly stole the hearts of young women everywhere, offering a refreshing departure from the over-the-top beauty standards of the past.

The soft girl trend is all about embracing a blend of sweetness and ethereal beauty. Think of soft pastel colours, adorable accessories, and feminine clothing that make you feel like a walking daydream. But it doesn't stop there! The soft girl look masters the art of subtle, almost otherworldly make-up, giving them an enchanting glow that captivates all who lay eyes on them.

Fast forward to the present, and the soft girl trend is making a triumphant comeback, enchanting fashion enthusiasts and influencers from all corners of the globe. Its delicate, dreamy, and whimsical elements have spread their wings, transcending borders and reaching even the glamorous world of Bollywood. Yes, you heard it right—our beloved Indian film industry is embracing the soft girl trend with open arms!

The soft girl influence in Bollywood

Lights, camera, fashion! Bollywood has always been a dazzling force in shaping India's style scene. From timeless ethnic wear to cutting-edge contemporary styles, the world of Bollywood has the power to redefine fashion for millions. And guess what? Lately, Bollywood has undergone a delightful transformation as it wholeheartedly embraces the soft girl trend. Our favourite leading ladies are gracefully rocking pastel-hued outfits, adorned with dainty accessories and sporting soft, dreamy make-up looks that capture the essence of this whimsical aesthetic. It's like stepping into a fairytale!

Deepika Padukone and Ananya Pandey

Our beloved Bollywood stars have become style icons, and their soft girl-inspired ensembles captivate their followers. Whether it's on the red carpet or in their everyday lives, actors like Alia Bhatt and Ananya Panday have embraced the trend wholeheartedly. Just take a peek at their social media accounts, and you'll find a treasure trove of pastel perfection, flowy dresses, and delicate make-up looks that'll make your heart skip a beat. It's impossible not to fall under their spell!

This shift towards the soft girl trend hasn't gone unnoticed within the industry either. Fashion designers are weaving soft, romantic elements into their collections, responding to the growing demand for soft girl-inspired clothing. And let's not forget the make-up artists! They're working their magic to create soft and dreamy looks that enhance the natural features of our favourite actors, effectively catapulting the trend into the spotlight. It's truly a fairy godmother moment!

Where did the soft girl life come from?

Picture this: you're wrapped in the cosiest clothes, feeling like you're walking on clouds, and everything around you exudes tranquillity. That's the essence of the "soft girl" aesthetic, a trend that owes its roots to the fabulous Nigerian influencer community. They gave us the delightful concept of embracing comfort, prioritising well-being, and living a gentler, easier life. Talk about a fashion statement we can all get behind!

The evolution of the "soft girl" aesthetic has been nothing short of magical. Just take a look at the hashtag #SoftGirlSummer, which has taken the online world by storm. It's a playful blend of the Black colloquialism "soft life" and the iconic "hot girl summer" trademarked by the sensational Megan Thee Stallion. Trust us, you'll want to jump on this bandwagon too!

Back in 2019, Megan Thee Stallion introduced us to the fabulous concept of "hot girl summer". It was a time when our lives were carefree, full of confidence, and oozing with empowerment. Ah, the pre-pandemic days! But alas, a year later, our hot girl lifestyles were temporarily put on hold, and we found ourselves longing for that sense of freedom and empowerment once again. The pandemic reminded us that life is simply too short to not indulge in the things we love. Sure, when the world started to open up again (in small, cautious steps), we struggled to fully immerse ourselves in the hot girl lifestyle we once took for granted. Instead, it was time for a new era—the soft girl era.

However, there is more to the soft girl aesthetics than pretty pastels and cutesy accessories! Given the turbulence of the last few years, the soft girl trend means getting in touch with a softer, gentler side of life as a coping mechanism when times get tough—which means that this trend is here to stay!

Unlock your soft girl vibes: the ultimate guide to recreating soft girl hair and make-up

Looking to rock the irresistibly charming soft girl look? We've got you covered!

Get ready to indulge in the delightful world of black elongated cat eyes, feathery false lashes, laminated brows, and those irresistibly pouty pink lips. 

Alia Bhatt

Soft girl hairstyles often feature cute and playful elements. You can try hairstyles like half-up half-down with loose waves, braids, messy buns, or pigtails. Incorporate hair accessories such as colourful scrunchies, bows, clips, or headbands to add a touch of sweetness.