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Cop these celebrity eye make-up looks to elevate your attire

Let your eyes do all the talking!

The fact is, unless you’re a beauty wizard, eye make-up can be intimidating. Though actual eye make-up is about bringing out your eyes to be your statement feature, most of us just dab on some eyeshadow, put on some eyeliner (which is sometimes uneven) and call it a day. As we said, it can be tricky, even more so considering trends nowadays are changing faster than the tide.  

And who better to draw some inspiration from than our beloved celebrities who get it right, always? We’ve curated a list of celebrities who wore the best make-up looks (a mix of some new trends and some classic ones). From the cult-favourite smokey eye to the upcoming embellished eyes, scroll through and bookmark for the next time you need to elevate your outfit or want your eyes to do all the talking. 

Siren eyes  


Siren eyes is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2023 and Janhvi Kapoor shows us why. Similar to smokey eyes, siren eyes are slightly more dramatic and darker around the rims of the eyes. They are characterised by a flick from the outer corners that give the eyes a more cat-like shape. 

Minimal coloured flick  


On days you feel like you need to add a little pop of colour to your look, why not draw inspiration from Hailey Bieber and do it through your eye make-up? To achieve an adorable Barbiecore-like beauty look, Bieber used a soft pink eyeliner to make a minimal flick. We also love how she’s tweaked the classic flick look by breaking it up in the middle. 

Mermaid core eyes  


Inspired partly by the show, Euphoria and partly by the movie, The Little Mermaid, the mermaid-core aesthetic is your chance to live out your Ariel-esque dreams. Draw inspiration from Dua Lipa’s shimmering pearl-like eye make-up for your next night out. While we are all here for minimalism, there is nothing wrong with being a little extra sometimes! 

Classic wings  


We’ve learned the hard way just how difficult it can be to get perfect winged eyeliner. Unless you're a seasoned professional, getting the two to match is hard work. But ultimately, as Khushi Kapoor shows us, it’s worth it. Wings are to eye make-up what black dresses are to fashion. They can be accessorised and there can be a few variations of wings, but we all know they are a mainstay. Don’t be intimated, practice makes perfect!

Smokey eye


Another classic eye make-up look, the smokey eye needs no introduction. We love Deepika Padukone’s rendition of this look with a slight shimmer. The smokey eye is a go-to for many reasons but the most important one is that you don’t need a lot of products (just a black eyeliner and eyeshadow pallets with some dark-toned eyeshadows) to elevate your look. 

Embellished eyes 


Embellished eyes are having their moment in the sun right now. From runways to red carpets, this trend is taking the beauty world by storm. If you need some inspiration to achieve this look, Sonakshi Sinha is all set to provide you with some. These temporary face accessories not only bring out your eyes but can transform any look into a work of art. Take cues from Sinha and try out this look next time you’re headed for a soiree!