Beauty lessons to learn from Gen Z

Multitasking products, ingredient-focused skincare, and more!

Beauty lessons to learn from Gen Z

For a long time, the beauty industry catered to the whims and fancies of us millennials through products and trends. And then, a few years ago, Gen Z entered the game and altered the rules. They not only change the kind of products we use and the trends we relate to but also the way we view ourselves. Gen Z believes in embracing all imperfections, especially the ones we’ve tried so hard to cover up. They also believe in putting their skin’s health first and using makeup solely as a tool for self-expression. And since they are one of the largest beauty consumer bases at the moment, their beauty habits can surely help us all. 

Here are some beauty lessons we can learn from Gen Z! 

Optimise your skincare  

One of the important lessons to learn from Gen Z is that we don’t need a convoluted 12-step routine to achieve our skincare goals. Instead of using two moisturisers and three serums, opt for a few brilliant products formulated with the goodness of multiple ingredients. Hence, Gen Z optimises their skincare routine and cuts out all that extra product usage without compromising on the results. They like their routines to be clean and simple, and if you want to follow in their footsteps with a simplified routine, you need to first figure out the ingredients that can help your skin, and do some research before purchasing any products.  

Dewy everything 

After years of us trying to stifle our shine with mattifying creams and pressed powders, Gen Z is teaching us to embrace the glow. Products like illuminating primers, lightweight foundations with skin-loving ingredients, lip glosses, creamy blushes, and strobe creams have taken over our vanities, and we can’t complain. If you’re wondering what led to this shift, the credit goes to the various Gen Z beauty trends floating around. Think glazed doughnut, soft glam, dewy dumpling skin, and glass skin—these are just a few, but you see the pattern, don’t you? 

Tool for self-expression 

For a long time, the sole purpose of makeup was to cover up our imperfections (blemishes, dark circles, and such) and maybe add a dash of colour to the face. But Gen Z has taught us that makeup is a tool for self-expression and that flaws are meant to be embraced. From graphic eyeliners and embellishments for when you're feeling a tad extra to a soft, dewy glam, you choose the story you want your makeup to tell.  

Ingredient-led makeup products   

From lipsticks infused with SPF and hyaluronic acid to blushes packed with aloe vera, Gen Z is teaching us how to take care of our skin even while we doll up. Thanks to social media platforms and all the beauty information we learn through them, we have all become so much more aware of what we put on our faces. And this is definitely a beauty habit we need to practice more!  

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