A Beginner’s Guide to a More Sustainable Beauty Routine

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad shares all you need to know about adding natural, eco-friendly ingredients to your skincare routine.

16 June, 2021
A Beginner’s Guide to a More Sustainable Beauty Routine

‘Green’, ‘ethically produced’, ‘cruelty-free' are some of the terms you may have often spotted on your skincare products. While the world moves towards cleaner and greener beauty routines, it is easier than ever to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

What is sustainable beauty?  

Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad says, "Sustainable or clean beauty includes utilizing products which are holistically produced using environment-friendly production practices and packaging methods and which use natural ingredients that are produced from renewable sources. These products are made using naturally sourced ingredients that are safe for people and the planet, using only non-toxic ingredients for active results. The products also have reduced wastage through environmental friendly packaging and effective resource sourcing and waste management. Reduced use of plastic and using recyclable plastic for packaging is a key technique to give back to the environment.” 

dr jaishree sharad

Dr Sharad adds that global brands such as NIVEA have acknowledged their social and environmental responsibility and are tilting to embrace a number of sustainable practices. The recently launched NIVEA Naturally Good product range includes natural ingredients and is completely transparent on the formulation utilized, opting for environmentally friendly packaging so as to build overall brand trust and enhance everyday beauty regime while being kinder to the planet.

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Sustainable beauty also means staying away from products that include parabens, sulphates, silicones, preservatives, alcohol, additives, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals. Also, sustainable beauty can include both skincare and makeup products which utilize natural ingredients and don’t include chemicals or synthetics. 

How can we adopt a sustainable skincare regime?

Consumers are now more aware than ever and are skewed towards conscious living. From understanding the formulations to opting for brands that include naturally sourced ingredients to recycled packaging materials, they have a deep-rooted understanding of a sustainable brand or lifestyle. 

Dr Sharad shares some ways in which you can also have a sustainable skincare regime that is gentle on your skin as well as the planes!

Opt for natural ingredients

Choose products such as the NIVEA Naturally Good product range which incorporates natural ingredients such as Avocado, Natural oats, bio green tea, bio Aloe Vera and flower based ingredients such as orange blossom, lily of the valley, plum blossom etc. which are kind to the skin.

nivea naturally good

Dr Sharad says, “Beauty and skincare ranges such as the recently launched NIVEA Naturally Good are enabling a sustainable beauty lifestyle for many on a day-to-day basis. Using products with natural ingredients will make the routine easy to manage and beneficial in the long run.
Look out for eco-friendly packaging
Reduce your carbon footprint by minimising waste production. This can be achieved if you opt for skincare products that use environmentally friendly packaging and utilize recycled material.

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Recycle, reuse

To ensure that you get the most out of your product, get creative to find new ways of recycling or repurposing the packaging of your favourite products. Each bottle that you save from ending up in the landfill can go a long way to keep the planet clean.

Skinmalism, FTW!

You don’t need an elaborate 10–step-skincare-regime to get flawless, healthier skin. The key is to simplify the skincare routine by finding products with potent ingredients that suit you. You can also minimize the product layering process by finding multipurpose products! 

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Dr Sharad says, “A simple yet effective skincare regime is all about using a moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. Then, at night, you can use a cleanser, under-eye serum and overall face serum followed by a moisturizer.” 
Pro-tip: She says, “When you utilize products on your face, don’t forget to use them across the front and back of your neck.”

Good habits for good skin

Clean beauty coupled with clean living is the good skin mantra you need to swear by. One should not undermine the importance of 6-8 hours of sleep coupled with a good diet that doesn’t include sugar and fried food to get the glowing skin of your dreams!