Facial pilates for youthful skin

Simple exercises that will strengthen your facial muscles and award you with firmer skin.

29 January, 2023
Facial pilates for youthful skin

Facial pilates can do wonders for your skin. From delaying ageing to giving you chiselled face, there is so much you can get out of a facial workout. 

Here are tips for those looking to get some exercise for your face.

Smooth out the fine lines around the eyes

The skin around your peepers is very delicate and prone to signs of ageing. Place both the middle fingers on the inner corners of the eyes and index fingers on the outer corner—keep the pressure lighter on the outer corner. Then, look up without creasing your forehead, hold it for three seconds, look down only half-closing your eyes, and release in three seconds again. Practising this movement for one minute every day will keep fine lines at bay

Smile wide 

Two minutes is all you need to keep creases at bay - Blow air into one cheek and then quickly move it to the other side of the face. Do four to five repetitions of this movement. Next, smile wide, lifting your cheekbones, and hold it for 10 seconds. Alternating these two movements for one minute every day will ensure you don’t think about fine lines while smiling.

For a chiselled face  

Sagging skin under the chin and jawline can be prevented with this easy, under-one-minute massage.-  Start by placing your thumb and index finger under the chin. Use the two fingers to pinch the skin, pulling it outwards, toward the earlobes. Beginners should repeat this movement 10 times, and once you get accustomed to the pressure, you can increase the repetitions to 20.