Here's Exactly How to Groom Your Lockdown Brows

From tweezers to razors and even makeup (YASSS!)— here's how to use the brow-grooming tools at your disposal!

19 June, 2020
Here's Exactly How to Groom Your Lockdown Brows

Missing your gorgeously-shaped, immaculate eyebrows from the pre-lockdown era? Well, if you cannot find it within yourself to embrace the au naturel look, here's help.  

"Fuller, natural eyebrows are a statement that everyone is loving at the moment. But, even if someone is looking to only groom the unruly bits, they are still hesitant about visiting the newly-reopened salons. It is best to make your safety a priority and become self-reliant with your grooming routine," says Cherry Deol, makeup expert and founder of Makeup by Cherryy.

So, here are her three suggestions to groom your brows yourself:

Super-Easy: Use Makeup

"The easiest and most painless way is to use a cream concealer or highlighter. You can use a flat brush to dab concealer in a shade lighter than your skin on the extra hair above and below your brow arch. Then, blend it well and go about your usual method of filling your brows with a spoolie and dark brown eyebrow pencil to give it a nice shape," she says.

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Slightly-Difficult: Tweezing 

"A tweezer is a great tool to manage those few extra hairs. So, if the idea of manually plucking each hair scares you, numb the area with an ice cube before going in. Always draw the shape of the brows with an eyebrow pencil before you begin plucking lest you get too carried away and end up over-plucking!" 

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Not For the Faint-Hearted: Eyebrow Razor

"An eyebrow razor is one of the uncommon methods. The safest way to go about it is by drawing your desired brow shape with an eyebrow pencil and then, using the razor on the area outside the shape. You may want to watch internet tutorials and practice safety precautions before attempting this method to avoid even the slightest nick in the sensitive brow region." 

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