How to make your hair colour last longer than most people's relationships

And yes, washing them less is one of them.   

31 March, 2023
How to make your hair colour last longer than most people's relationships

After much contemplation, I recently took the plunge and dyed my jet-black hair a deep violet. While I was warned by my friends about how cooler shades tend to fade quicker than others, I paid them no heed. Alas, soon enough, the purple shade was gone in just a few washes, and now I’m left with blonde hair. I searched the depths of the internet, and spoke to my hair stylist to understand what I did wrong, and this guide is a result of that. 

Scroll ahead for happy, healthy and vibrant coloured locks!

Go as long as you can between wash days

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“The first tip is to wash your hair as less as possible,” informs Chrysanne Dsa, hair stylist at BBlunt. If you’re thinking “that’s gross”, then think again. Shampooing your hair too often not only washes off the colour but also strips it off natural oil, making your locks drier than your ex’s text game. All is not lost, there are ample dry shampoos in the market that control oil and will tide your hair over till the next wash day. And when you do wash it, opt for a gentle shampoo. 

Use hair products with UV filters

According to Dsa, nothing will lighten your hair colour quicker than the harsh sun, so arm your tresses against this by using shampoos and hair sprays that have UV filters. Look out for hair protectors that have SPF, especially if you’re going on a beach vacation or even just swimming in your neighbourhood pool as the chlorine in the water can fade your hair colour faster than you can say “pink”. Oiling your hair before a dip (like one would do for Holi) is also an effective way to avoid damage. 

Stop, or reduce heat styling 

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Yes, styling your hair every other day can be quite tempting—even we can’t resist the main character vibes we get after a fresh blow-dry or curling our hair. But if you have recently coloured your locks, it may be wise to stay off the hot styling tools for a while. If you really have to, try turning down the heat on your hair dryer or curling iron as it can fade the colour. Or try hacks that don’t use heat like sock curls, for instance. 

Hot showers are a no-no

Having a hot shower is notorious for drying out your skin, so it's no surprise that it can do a number on your hair as well, decreasing the life of your hair colour. With your tresses already being fragile post the bleach, the heat opens up your cuticle and seeps it off colour. Yikes! To prevent this, your best bet is to take room temperature baths, condition your hair, and then wash it off with cold water to seal the cuticles. 

Give your tresses some extra TLC

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The process of bleaching your hair can leave it extremely porous and dehydrated. To inject some life back into your locks, try a special treatment that will make the colour last longer—Dsa suggests at-home glossing treatment (to add shine to your hair), oiling your hair before shampooing, or even a simple hair mask that will add a boost of hydration to your tresses and stop them from looking limp or lifeless.