How to Start an Anti-Ageing Routine For Your Hair

From hair loss to dandruff and more, experts tell you how to have a good hair day, all day and every day. 

01 April, 2021
How to Start an Anti-Ageing Routine For Your Hair

Your hair requires as much TLC as your skin...sometimes even more. 

Environmental factors, poor diet and even a bad lifestyle can take a toll on your hair making it more prone to break and fall as you age. So, it is important to take care of your hair to ensure you never have a bad hair day. Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal, MBBS, MD (AIIMS, New Delhi), ISHRS (USA), Professor Hair Transplantation/Dermatology, Co-founder Eugenix Hair Sciences, share certain things you must include in your anti-ageing hair care routine: 

Avoid these bad habits

    ⁃    Smoking 
    ⁃    Alcohol 
    ⁃    Eating excessive fried and junk foods  
    ⁃    Drugs
    ⁃    Excessive stress conditions 
    ⁃    Deprivation of food, as in crash-dieting
    ⁃    Irregular food habits
    ⁃    Inadequate sleep
    ⁃    Tight hairstyles, as pulling to make buns or ponytails
    ⁃    Excessive use of chemical agents, as in colouring and bleaching
    ⁃    Excessive heat, as in straighteners 

Do this instead:

    ⁃    Eat healthy foods at regular timings 
    ⁃    Have a high protein diet 
    ⁃    Adequate and sound sleep
    ⁃    Include multivitamins including Biotin
    ⁃    Exercise regularly
    ⁃    De-stress by meditation/Yoga
    ⁃    Avoid harsh oiling and massaging of the scalp
Steps for your anti-ageing regimen 

Naturally occurring oils such as argan and coconut add shine and strength to the hair due to a high concentration of fatty acids. If not through your diet, try consulting an expert to include health supplements such as Vitamin C, Keratin, Biotin and Vitamin E for longer, stronger hair. Iron and protein supplements also help improve the quality and strength of your hair.