These Fabulous New Products Promise Zero 'Off Days' When it Comes to Your Hair

Co-founded by celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker and model and creator Merrylin Boro, Off Days is a line of born in India hair care products aimed at reinventing our approach to haircare. 

02 June, 2022
These Fabulous New Products Promise Zero 'Off Days' When it Comes to Your Hair

If there is one thing we all desire in 2022, it is a feeling of effortlessness and ease when it comes to our beauty routines. Maybe we can attribute this to a post-pandemic effect, the fact remains that more and more people are looking for skin and hair care solutions that are easy-to-follow and fuss-free, while at the same time yielding fabulous results. Enter, a new, Born in India haircare brand Off Days, co-founded by celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker and leading model and content creator Merrylin Boro. With Off Days, this duo are reinventing our approach to hair care. This carefully-crafted line of highly functional products is aimed to enhance your hair care routine, all while staying true to the ethos of the effortless ease that the brand puts forth. With each Off Days product, the brand endeavours to impart a feeling of being relaxed and free, similar to one when you have the next day off and experience little or no stress.

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To know more about the intriguing concept and haircare expertise behind Off Days, Cosmo India caught up with co-founder Rod Anker to talk about his vision behind the brand, his favourite Off Days products, top haircare tips for Summer and more. 

Cosmo India: What inspired you to launch your own line of hair care products?  

Rod Anker: Having one foot in the salon and staying in constant communication with people, we know the challenges that people face when it comes to hair, and in finding a product that delivers its promise. 

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'Off Days' Co-Founders Rod Anker and Merrylin Boro (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

Cosmo India: Is there a special story behind the name Off Days

Rod Anker: Off Days is an extension of who we are and our existing brand, which is relaxed and effortless. We wanted a synergy and for both to have the same DNA. When you think about a vacation or you have some time off, you are completely relaxed and at ease, with both who you are as a person and how you feel. This is the feeling that we want to capture with Off Days

Cosmo India: What makes Off Days products different from those already available in the market? 

Rod Anker: We have over 30 years of experience in salons and are in constant communication with our clients, dealing with the day-to-day struggles and challenges that people face. We have poured all our experience into formulating these products, ensuring that they do what they say and that they take care of your hair in-between salon visits. The role of our products is to empower the consumer to get the best out of their hair, every day, without having to visit a salon. 

Cosmo India: Three tips to take care of your hair in the Indian summer?  

Rod Anker: 1. Regular trims, although always taken for granted and a little cliche. It’s literally the one thing that will save any split ends from travelling up the hair shaft. Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks!

2. Don’t overdo your colour. At times, you may want to freshen your hair up with colour or get tempted to do a complete overhaul every six weeks. Don’t do this, as using too much colour too often will damage the hair. 

3. If you perspire (which is normal and expected, especially in the heat of Indian summer) use a sulphate-free shampoo as often as you feel necessary. Always condition. Using a conditioner closes the cuticle tighter than a serum or leave-in conditioner, and ensures that moisture is trapped within the hair shaft. 

Cosmo India: According to you, what are the coolest hair trends to get on board with right now?

Rod Anker: Lived in hair for one. it's real, it's easy and super low-maintenance. Lived in colours as well, that have no hard lines and can be seen as completely natural. Everything 2000’s when it comes to styling.

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Cosmo India: What are your future plans for the brand?  

Rod Anker: Our plan is to grow our product portfolio organically and make sure all hair types are covered. Currently, we have three products, and have several others in the final stages of development that we are super excited about! 

Cosmo India: If you had to recommend three products for the Cosmo woman, which ones would you pick and why? 

Rod Anker: A good shampoo, conditioner and a volume and texture powder, obviously all by Off Days :).