10 Things You'll Totally Get if Shaving is Your Hair Removal Mantra!

Especially, if you refuse to opt for the insanity called waxing.




1. You don't have to spend a sh*t load, to look clean and hairless.

You can afford to pamper yourself a little extra every month, as you don't spend a fortune on waxing, or laser treatments for hair removal. Extra brownies this weekend? Hell yeah!

2. Although, the cuts down your legs, is not a pretty sight.

No matter how carefully you think you're gliding your razor, through your soft skin, you will inevitably end up with a bleeding ankle, or a knee somehow. Where did that one even come from? I guess, that'll always be a mystery.

3. And, what about that annoying patch you always end up missing!

You are the unbeatable, flexibility champion, having mastered different positions to get every nasty little hair follicle. But, when you're actually out in your cute LBD – Bam! You see a small patch of hair, gloriously sitting on your thigh. So much for being meticulous...

4. "I'm sorry, but did you just ask me to lend you my razor?!" *shakes head in disbelief*

The possessiveness you have for your BFF, stands no chance against your eternal love for your razor. Big NO to sharing that with anybody. Sorry, not sorry.

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5. Absolutely no words to explain your hatred for that stubborn razor rash.

It's red, it's painful, it's blotchy and it's inconvenient. But you are forced to deal with it. The solution? Never dry-shave your legs, guys! Never do that! Your conditioner has more than one purpose, you know. Now, that's a hack you can use next time!

6. You're alien to the wax therapist's incessant glares and complaints!

You're your own hero, and your own boss. You happily avoid booking periodic waxing sessions, or being subjected to thousands of questions about your hair growth. 'Cos let's admit, they do have a lot of unwanted opinions!

7. That 'BFF to the rescue' moment!

You totally control your hair removal, but that does not mean, you don't have to suck it up to your roomie, or your sister, to help you out with those absolutely, unreachable spots on your body.

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8. You don't have to worry about body hair, even if you're on the go.

Bring on the shorts and dresses, we are armed with a razor! Your mood decides your #OOTD, not your body hair.

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9. You don't need that kinda negativity in your life. Nuh-uh.

You spare your body the horrors of wax burns, and opt for a quick, and painless solution in shaving! You steer clear of the drama!

10. Are we done with these questions, already?

You're practically tired of defending the same, old set of shaving 'myths'– No, the hair does not grow back thicker!