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Here's How to Choose the Best Haircut For Your Hair Type!

Now that you've been schooled, book your salon appointment ASAP.

Knowing a girl who has never, ever cried about her disappointing haircut, is as rare as finding a needle in a haystack. It's actually quite impossible, really. We love to experiment, and what catches our fancy now, may not be a move you're proud of, tomorrow!

It's pretty logical to know, in advance, what cut has best chances of suiting our hair type and face-cut before screwing it all up.

So, read on...

1. Thick Hair

Is your hair too thick, and coarse for your liking? Don't let yourself believe that it's beyond help! In fact, it's the hairstyle that can be easily styled, even on your worst hair days.

Those of you who have an oval, or a heart-shaped face, your best bet is – a bob with longer layers in the front, and shorter rowards the back. Long layers falling on your face works amazingly well for you.

Pro Tip: Skip blunt-edged cuts, and choose long layers instead. You'll take off that extra volume and amp up your hair game!

2. Fine Hair

You might curse your thin, fine hair and the fact that it's not BFFs with volume is no secret. So it's best to ask your stylist for a blunt cut, which creates the illusion of thickness.

According to experts, if you have short hair, you should avoid going for feathery layers – it can totally make your mane look scruffy! The immensely popular "lob", aka, the longer bob, is a great option for you. The asymmetrical cut of the long bob softens your appearance, giving it an extremely chic effect.

If you have a long, oval shaped face, you should balance it out by opting for a medium cut. Square shaped faces look best with shoulder length cuts, and modern blunt fringe bangs, which add volume to your crown, and balance your jawline.

Pro Tip: Instead of fighting to create fullness with several layers (and styling products), embrace an easy, one-length cut.

3. Curly Hair

It's considered the most 'high-maintenance' vategory, and most women just give up on trying to style their stubborn, curly hair. However, with just a little expert advice and some TLC – it can totally be your IT thing!

Experts recommend a short cut for oval-shaped faces, since it will give a fuller illusion. For square shapes, a classic gradation cut is preferred, with surface layers that will add more volume up top.

Curly hair blunt cuts are accompanied by a dreadful nightmare - the "triangle" effect! Get lots of layers that gradually taper around the face, if you want to side-step that landmine. An angular lob that's longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back, shapes up curly hair beautifully and gives it a statement of its own!

Pro Tip: For super-tight curls, keep your layers extra long in front, to avoid having to fight with curls in your face.

4. Wavy Hair

A very common hair type which has been under-estimated, all this time. Just when you thought there's not much experimentation that can be done with your hair, we've got the most suitable cut for you.

A tousled pixie cut will perfectly compliment you waves, if you really want a glamorous make-over for your locks. Beach waves are totally in trend RN; so cut longer, wavy hair to a shoulder-length shag, scrunch them up with some salt spray and voila!

Pro tip: Ask for lots of face-framing layers, to prevent your natural texture from overpowering you!