New beauty trend alert: 'Vontouring'




While contouring was made big by the perfectly preened Kardashians, this sort of contouring is making us want to punch things.

Vontouring. Say it with us.

So wait, what could we be contouring that starts with a V? Oh, Vagina.

It's not about using concealer and a matte bronzer to illuminate and define your labia. But it's just as ridiculous.

Vontouring is a treatment, also known as Intima Protege (it literally sounds like a vagina that got a mentor and became a whiz-kid) that perks up loose vaginas.

It uses the non-invasive, non-surgical technique of a pen-like tool to reduce the size of the vaginal lips, plumping up the labia's collagen to tighten the entrance.

However, it does have one saving grace... it improves orgasms.

While the fact that 80% of patients found their new vaginas to be looking excellent, 60% of patients agreed there was a "moderate to excellent" impact on sensations down there, as well as a spike in their libido.

26-year-old Raegan Sidley was one of the first to try vontouring. She got candid about her findings and how it like, didn't even hurt.

"All you feel is a bit of heat and in about 45 minutes it was over. I thought I wouldn't be able to sit comfortably but there was nothing, no tingling, redness or after effects. It's far more pleasant than a bikini wax," she told Reveal magazine.

"The results were what I'd hoped for, smoother and fuller-looking, more pleasing to the eye. It boosted my self-esteem and gave me more confidence in relationships."

Hmm, jury's out guys. Can we also discuss the word 'vontouring' please?! Voldemort sprung to mind. Then the Volturi. Oh, and vomit. As you were...

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