You May Wanna Know About These Bizarre Ingredients in Your Beauty Products

All in the name of beauty.




The beauty industry is working hard to equip us against the perils of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle that we're leading. In this mission some really weird ingredients made its way to the skincare kept on our dressing tables. Read on to find out more.

1. Bird excreta

Bird dropping is used in the 'Geisha' facial treatment. Yes, a bird poo facial! The bird dropping aka guano contains urea that softens the skin. This is a natural way to achieve bright and soft skin. Also, Tom Cruise is reportedly a fan of this treatment.

2. Fish enzymes

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The enzymes eat dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking younger. Just like in fish pedicure the fishes nibble on dead skin, here the enzymes help clear the dead skin by eating it. Eek!

3. Snail mucus

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This bodily secretion of snails has way too many benefits. It helps in reducing skin pigmentation and scarring. Also, it acts as a catalyst in healing the skin. Katie Holmes is a big fan as snail mucus helps to improve skin complexion.

4. Crushed bug shells

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It's a bit disturbing to know that your fave, beautiful red lipstick might contain crushed bug shells. This colouring agent is made from grinding tiny beetles. Look for the term "Carmine" in the ingredients list to know whether your lippie got its beautiful shade from the sacrifices of tiny beetles.

5. Placenta

Kim Kardashian introduced bizarre beauty treatments to the world. One of those was Placenta pills which she consumed to fight postpartum depression. Rich in antioxidants placenta can be used in the form of skincare as well. A skincare brand has introduced a product that has sheep's placenta as one of the ingredients. It accelerates tissue regeneration and stimulates immunity which makes it Madonna's fave too.