8 Common Hair Myths Busted!

Stop fretting over hair dilemmas as we have got the experts to sift the myths from the facts, just for you!




Pulling out clumps of hair in sheer frustration as you don't know whether you should brush your hair a 100 times or shampoo everyday? Stop fretting as we got experts to sift the myths from the facts, just for you!

Managing your mane in the rain can be quite an ordeal, what with a downpour in our cities that can almost turn toxic before it trickles down our forehead! from age old remedies to the booming haircare products market, we are truly spoilt for choice with all that razzle-dazzle. But siphoning benefits from them depends on whether they are real remedies or tall stories. There are many hair myths that circle the globe like urban legends. We've compiled below some of the oldest and most common hair myths-and the final word on whether they're real or ridiculous!


Hair should not be shampooed everyday

A big fat myth! There is absolutely no correct schedule for shampooing your hair. Washing your mane is essential before it gets dirty! Otherwise, particles of grime could damage your hair when you comb it. Harsh products like soap can harm your hair but a good shampoo with conditioner will not only clean it, it will also improve the texture and shine-however often you wash it. for instance, if you have oily hair, shampooing regularly is necessary to keep the scalp grime-free. The key here is to find the correct shampoo for your hair type. Expert hairstylist Dilshad Pastakia says, "Shampoo is merely a cleanser and as long as it's a mild one, you can shampoo everyday."


Oil your hair regularly for a healthy mane

Not true again, girls! Nothing lathered externally can nourish hair, or make it grow longer than it can. The oil coats each shaft of hair, but it's only the oil that is shining and not your hair. So it doesn't mean that your hair is any healthier. In fact, oil tends to attract dust and dirt and becomes a breeding ground for infections. A shampoo and conditioner are better options. Of course, an oil massage cools you down and makes it to every girl's luxe needs. Oiling your hair for about 30 to 45 minutes once a week along with a hot towel routine allows the essential ingredients of the oil to soak into the scalp. This not only relaxes you but may work to give you smoother, more manageable hair. All other claims belong to the trash.

Charvi Gupta, Vice President, Business Development and Technical Services at Lotus Herbals gives us her view as a cosmetologist and a tricologist. "Routine oiling of hair is not required as enough natural oils are produced by our sebaceous glands. But the polluted environment and increased application of colour play havoc on your tresses. Weekly oil massage helps increase circulation of blood causing the sebaceous glands to function better and making your hair fit as a fiddle!"


100 strokes of the brush will keep your hair healthy

I remember, as a child, doing this one myself. Not only did my arm start hurting, I managed yanking out a dozen strands with every five strokes! This one is baseless too! Doing this can actually result in brittle hair. As you brush, you damage the hair shaft. Just brushing two to three times to detangle is the way to go. Start at the ends of the hair, holding the strands about halfway up to prevent tugging at the root and pulling out the hair. This method also prevents split ends. Excessive brushing can put such stress on your hair that it splits, breaks or gets uprooted more easily. Excessive brushing also stimulates the sebaceous glands, which produce extra sebum or natural oil, and can make your hair lank and greasy. According to Charvi Gupta, brushing your hair only helps to increase the blood circulation in your scalp. This in turn activates the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. So it is not the 100 strokes of the brush that helps hair remain healthy, but an activation of the glands. This activation can be achieved through less harsh methods such as a a massage and can give the same result as well as prevent your hair from breaking.