How To Get That Guy Friendly Make-Up Look

We've all met men who say they love women who are 'natural'; so Cosmo finally put this popular claim to the test...




We've all met men who say they love women who are 'natural'; so Cosmo finally put this popular claim to the test...

When Cosmo conducted a poll asking men if they preferred women with or without make-up, a whopping 68% said they preferred the latter. But when we showed them various photos of the same celeb sporting different levels of make-up, almost 73% picked the polished, made-up look!

So, why this disconnect? Recent research explains the difference between what men and women perceive as natural. While to most women, 'natural' means just a dab of lip gloss, men associate 'natural' with flawless skin, sparkling eyes and kissable lips.

Should women say goodbye to make-up?

Yes! No!

Darius Mistry, 25, Advertising Executive

"I just do not understand the concept of make-up outside a theatrical context. The only thing women need, is to believe in the fact that they are beautiful regardless of what they visually look like. My argument has always been, if it isn't adding anything, why put it on at all?"


Kevin Couto, 27, Television Producer

"Natural is great, but not too much. I'm told by the women in my life that the best kind of make-up is when you don't look like you're wearing any. If you're able to pick what suits you and know when to stop, I think make-up can play up your assets and give you an edge."

Here's how to look 'guy natural'

Men love make-up that gives our skin an even tone and subtle colour, and here's how to fake the look...

For a subtle, sexy glow

1 A heavy layer of foundation can make you look over done and hide your natural skin tone. Dampen a sponge with water (this will thin the foundation for a natural, even application), then start in the centre of your face and blend the product outwards to fade at the edges.

2 Next, using light pressure rub your hands over your face; the heat from your skin will remove any thick spots and ensure seamless application.

3 The purpose of using blush is to mimic a healthy glow. Find a cream blush (pros prefer them as they melt into your skin and don't look chalky) in a colour that matches the inside of your bottom lip (this is the closest hue to your natural flush.)

4 Use your fingers to dab the product on the apples of your cheeks and press the leftover blush onto your cheekbones. This will create the illusion of a real flush.

Define those eyes

1 Guys are attracted to well-defined, thick and long lashes. So always remember to curl, curl, curl! This will also make your eyes appear larger.

2 Enhance your lash line using cocoa brown (for light complexions) or black (for darker skin) and apply it along the upper lash line, then dab a cotton bud across to diffuse the line.

3 Next, don't go easy on the mascara, apply at least two coats. The first coat will give you length, while the second will give you fullness and definition. Avoid clumps by adding the second layer while the first is still damp.

For a kissable pout

1 Men love soft lips with a rosy tint, and you'll need moisture to create plumpness, and sheer colour. Prime your lips with a balm and work it in a circular motion to increase blood circulation.

2 Find a lipstick that matches the colour of your lips, and press, don't glide the colour onto your lips from the case. This will create a stainlike finish, which looks natural, but sexy. Use a cotton bud to remove excess colour from your lips.

3 Top it off with sheer lip gloss. Apply it more heavily in the centre of your lips to reflect light, hence creating the illusion of a fuller, sexier pout.