5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar is Your New Beauty BFF

Here are five ways you can use ACV (yeah, sounds cool, right) to up your beauty game.




#1 Toner

Yes! You can totally use this common household potion as your daily toner. The acidity of ACV balances out skin's natural pH level, which helps to reduce blemishes and prevents breakout (10 points to that!). To make this toner, just mix one part of ACV with two parts of filter water in a jar and shake it to combine the mixture.

#2 Hair Rinser

If you are looking for a shine booster, then look no further. Mix two tablespoons of ACV with one cup water and rinse. The acetic acid detoxifies the scalp, gets rid of product build-up, and brings back shiny, lustrous hair!

#3 Sunburn Relief

Combine half a cup of ACV with four cups of water. It helps to balance the pH levels of the skin and calms irritation. (We just added this to our Beauty SOS cupboard...woohoo)

#4 Foot Deodorant

You can also use ACV to keep your feet fresh and odour free! Mix one cup with water and soak your feet for 15 minutes. The antiseptic potion fights foot BO and disinfects feet too.

#5 Make-Up Brush Cleanser

Mix three teaspoons of ACV in one cup of warm water and use the solution to clean the brushes. Good part? The antiseptic property will help to get rid of bacteria.