Is It Bad to Sleep With Wet Hair?

Falling asleep with damp hair could cause damage...




After a long day, many of us love nothing more than a soothing shower, followed by falling into bed for some much-needed sleep. However, going to bed with wet hair could cause a whole host of problems.


One reason to reach for the hairdryer before bed is that sleeping with wet hair also leaves you at the mercy of your locks the next morning. Katie Allan, creative manager at Charles Worthington, says, 'Sleeping with hair that is wet means you never can predict what it will look like when you wake up!'


Additionally, the hair is at its weakest when it's wet, meaning that sleeping with damp open hair can cause damage and frizz as you move your head while you snooze. Over time, this can also lead to breakage.


If you really cannot bear to spend another second awake and your hair is still damp, we recommend tying it back. This gives you greater control over what it'll look like in the morning and also saves it from friction and breakage against your pillowcase.

So how should you tie it back? Katie advises, 'If the root area is dry, you can sleep with the ends damp if they are braided or twisted into one or two secure buns. This will then let the hair dry in a pretty wave.'


Additionally, if you're running short of time, focus your hairdryer on the roots of your hair. The ends of your locks dry quicker and it is the roots that are the most important to protect at night.