4 Quick and Chic Hairstyles That You Can Actually Do Yourself!

Your last-minute prom hairstyle is one click away.

In need of a last-minute prom/evening/formal hairstyle, and don't want the cookie-cutter updo your stylist might serve up? Cue these four stunning styles that celebrity stylist Cash Lawless created that'll have your friends saying, "YAS, (prom) queen!" after every selfie you take.

1. Cute Cascading Top Pony

To get the look:

1. Create texture. Grab a triangular section of hair at the top of your head and wrap it over and around a 1-inch barrel curling iron. This gives your hair texture and subtle movement.

2. Secure the section with an elastic.

3. Back brush the sides to give it glamorous volume. A boar bristle brush won't get through the huge sections of hair you're trying to back brush, so use a brush with separated teeth to back brush flawlessly.

4. Tease the underside of the mini pony. Use a rattail comb to give the tiny pony texture. This also creates a pin cushion-y effect so you can insert bobby pins in the next step.

5. Create the whale spout effect. Flip the ponytail forward and insert pins into the back of it, so it lies flat at the base. Make sure you pin it as close to the elastic as you can get.

6. Finish with hairspray.

2. Chic Crown Braids

To get the look:

1. Dutch braid your hair. Dutch braiding is like French braiding, but instead of crossing the sections over each other, you cross them under each other. Begin to do so after you part your hair down the center, and then Dutch braid from the nape of your neck up on the left side, up toward your hairline, and over to the opposite temple. Secure the braid with a band.

2. Repeat the Dutch braid the other side and cross the braids over your head.

3. Pancake the braids (pull them apart slightly) to make their texture thicker. Then secure them by each ear with two bobby pins.

4. Pull them apart even more to create the desired look.

3. Double Bubble Updo

To get the look:

1. Spray your hair with dry shampoo for texture, and then pull your hair back into a ponytail. Secure it with an elastic.

2. Twist your hair until it starts to coil. Then, start to wrap it around the ponytail but stop after the first wrap so you create a looped hole. Pin the loop exactly where it sits so the ends are pointing downward.

3. Coil the hair again and loop it a second time, pinning the loop for the double looped pony effect.

4. Flirty Fauxhawk

To get the look:

1. Section the bottom half of your hair from the top of your ears down. And then split that section of hair into two sections using the handle of a rattail comb.

2. Pin the top section of the bottom portion of hair, and then gather the lower section into two pieces.

3. Tie the two pieces into a knot.

4. Lock the knot in place with a bobby pin.

5. Continue tying two pieces of hair up the center of your head. Keep knotting two pieces of hair as you move toward your hairline, pinning them with a bobby pin.

6. Once the last piece is tied into a knot at your hairline, go back and tie each section into multiple knots until you run out of hair to tie. Then pin it into place for a cute fauxhawk.

Styling: Charles Manning

Models: Mick Szal, Skye Stracke

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