This is How to Evenly Apply Sun Cream to Your Back (Without Anyone Else Helping)

What a game-changer.




​One look at the grey sky outside and you could be fooled into thinking we're in the midst of a gloomy January, but no, it's JUNE, and that means Summer has officially kicked off (albeit, to a slow start). For a lot of us, Summer = holidays. Give us a beach, sun-lounger, and a mojito in hand, then come back in two weeks and we're happy as larry.One thing that does rile us up about the Summer though? Sun burn. Looking like a lobster isn't fun, and while you can (and should) be religiously applying suncream to every speck of skin, some spots are harder to reach than others. 

​So for all you solo-sunbathers out there, this hack is a game-changer. Cut a piece of cling film - around one metre long - then apply a blob of your suncream to the centre of the film. Take both ends of the film and use it to rub the lotion over your back (as if you were drying off with a towel). 

​GENIUS. Right?The trick works for applying any lotion to your back, whether it's suncream, moisturiser, or fake tan (no more streaks, whooo!)Safe tanning!