Trishala Sikka of Love And Other Bugs Shows You How to Get the Kylie Pout...

...in four easy steps!


"Start by exfoliating lips with a baby toothbrush to remove dead skin, and moisturise with a lip balm. Then, dab concealer around the outline of your lips to hide your natural lip line, applying foundation after to set the product. This will help you create a smooth canvas for overdrawn lips."


"With a lip pencil, start defining your lips slightly outside their natural line—overdrawing a bit to make them appear bigger. Then using the same liner, fill in your lips with light, feathery strokes to cover any colour disparity between the skin and the lips."


"Next, apply lipstick using a brush, and match the lip line you've just drawn. Kylie usually goes for matte textures, but if your product is creamy, blot lips on some tissue paper to remove excess colour, then set with some translucent powder."


"Re-apply the foundation on the upper and lower corners of your lips to cover any jagged edges, and it also helps in making the colour pop. Finish up by putting highlighter on your Cupid's Bow to give the illusion of bigger lips."