10 Amazing AF Qualities That Make Kareena Kapoor a True Bollywood Star

She was born to be a famous celebrity, allow us to tell you why.

Lets face it , Kareena Kapoor is quintessentially Bollywood, through and through. She joined the industry as a slightly spoilt and impulsive star child, but has gone on the prove herself to be one of the industry's top rated actors. Here are some of the reason's why.

1. She's an amazing actor: Bebo is a natural who instantly connects you to the scene and character. Her recent performance in Udta Punjab was evidence enough of that.

2. She does not compete: Kareena is one actress who could not care less about what the other actresses in Bollywood are doing, something that she has stated in many interviews.She concentrates on her own work, even rejecting major roles without thinking twice.

3. She's loyal to the hilt: Be it friends , family or her co-workers, Kareena stands by those she cares about and has no problem admitting to it .

4. She's part of the Kapoor clan: A.K.A Bollywood's first family. As grand daughter of the legendary Raj Kapoor, acting is literally in her blood.

5.Her fan's love her : And she loves them. She even boasted in a recent interview that her huge fan following are ready to take down anyone who messes with her, period.

6. She has acted with all the Khans: We mean Amir, Shahrukh and Salman. Talk about working with the cream of the crop.

7. She's great with actors of any generation: Be it Arjun Kapoor, Imran Khan or his uncle Amir , Kareena is great with actor's of any age. It also helps that she started super young.

8.She is married to Indian royalty: We are talking about good old Saif, son of Indian Nawab Patuadi. That makes her Begum as well as an ace actor!

9. She's honest: This girl speaks her mind and cares two hoots about diplomacy. She is also always open about her love life and relationships. Now that is true star power.

10. She follows her heart: This girl has always done what her gut tells her , be it movies or relationships, and that too with zero regrets.