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This Picture Of Shah Rukh Khan And Ziva Dhoni Is The Cutest Thing You'll See On Internet Today

*insert infinite awwwws*

While everyone else was curious about the match and who's going to win, there were two cuties in the stadium bonding with each other.  We spotted Shah Rukh Khan and Ziva Dhoni cutely posing for a picture together. Seema like Shah Rukh just couldn't get enough of this l'il munchkin and even posed like her for a picture.

Here. look at the pictures:






Too much cuteness to handle in a picture! Isn't it? 

Shah Rukh even tweeted about it. In his tweet he shared, "Well done my KKR. After a long time a 200 score. Met Karthik’s mom & Dhoni’s daughter. My day 2/3 rd successful. Thx CSK fans for the love.”