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Tom Hardy: “If You Think I’m Tough, You Should See My Fiancée!”

Tom Hardy talks to Cosmo about his then fiancée (now wife) in this throwback interview.

He was Batman’s masked nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises, a savage cage fighter in Warrior, and now he’s a dark and brooding barman turned gangster in The Drop. In real life though, Tom insists he’s nothing but a big softie.

Cosmo: The Drop is another tough-guy role for you. Are you as tough in real life as you are on screen?

Tom Hardy: “Ha! Me? Tough? No! My fiancée (now wife) Charlotte has, pound for pound, a better punch than I do!”

C: You have a lot of tattoos. What do they all mean?

TH: “They’re all personal to me.

Every one reminds me of something in my life. An event, a person, a place...”

C: Now, what about that American accent of yours in The Drop?

TH: “Ha! I tried! But I do love trying to transform. I think it’s always good to keep shifting. It’s the same physicality as me, of course, so it’s fun to take on a different guise and to use that camouflage.”

C: You worked with Chris Nolan on The Dark Knight rises and Inception. Are you hoping to make more movies with him?

TH: “I’d love to. I love working with Chris. I’ll do anything with him. It was such an honour to be asked to be in those films. Even now, if I stop and think about it, it’s almost overwhelming.”

C: You have had so much success in Hollywood but you still haven’t moved there full time. Why is that?

TH: “My son lives in London with his mother and I need that contact with him. It’s so important to me. Any time away from him is just criminal. Also, I am a Londoner forever. I’m never moving until my boy is old enough to move with me if he wants to.”