You Just Can't Miss Kareena Kapoor's Diet Secrets Revealed In This Video!

Ready to take notes?

Remember the days when you were desperate to figure out Kareena Kapoor's weight loss secrets when she went for a drastic transformation for her movie Tashan? And her dietician Rujuta Diwekar became the most sought-after person in the game?

Well, nothing has really changed and our curiosity level is the same (or even more) as Kareena gave 'rapid weight loss' a whole new meaning post her pregnancy. 

From how fashionable her gym look is to what exactly the actor has done to lose her post-pregnancy weight, her every move has been guilty of making major headlines  , even a year after Taimur was born. 




Her dietician Rujuta Diwekar busts myths and let's you in on her secret formulas in this video, where Kareena Kapoor Khan also weighs in to help you decode the right way to treat your body according to your body type: 


Hope you took notes!