Ariana Grande Asks Fans to Stop “Grabbing and Touching” Her Friends Without Consent

What’s happening at her shows is shocking.

  • Some Ariana Grande fans have been inappropriately touching and grabbing her friends and photographers during shows.
  • Ariana issued a reminder to fans on Instagram Stories, writing, “Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment.”

It appears as though fans at Ariana Grande’s shows have been acting inappropriately toward her photographers and friends, and the situation has gotten so bad that Ariana has had to issue a public statement.

The singer hit Instagram Stories Thursday night, May 23, with a “friendly reminder” (read: a pretty pointed note) to fans, asking them not to touch her friends or photographers without consent when they’re enjoying her shows. Which is 100 percent fair, considering this is the very definition of harassment and is not okay under any circumstances.

“Friendly reminder,” Ariana said in her public note. “Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment. Please do not put your hands on my photographers or friends or anyone you don’t know for that matter when you’re in the pit at my shows. It’s never okay or funny. Thank you. (I can’t believe this has to be said...but unfortunately it happens often...thanks for listening.)”


You’d think the kind of people who’d pay big money for the best seats at Ariana Grande’s shows would know the right way to conduct themselves around her friends and the professionals she hires to document her tour, but apparently not?! Either way, here’s to hoping the subsection of Ariana’s fans who are acting this way will get the memo and back right off.