Gigi Hadid Managed to Piss Off the Entire Country of Greece and Her Instagram Comments Are a MESS


  • Gigi Hadid has upset people in Mykonos, Greece, after saying she’s “never going back.”
  • Gigi was robbed while visiting the island with her sisters, which explains her comments!

Update: 6 p.m.

It looks like Gigi saw how people reacted to her Instagram, so she left a new comment on it a couple hours ago.

Here’s what it says, in full:


Gigi is entitled to her opinion, but now her account is legit being spammed by people who are extremely annoyed with her for blaming the robbery on Mykonos.

“Let me get this straight, you’re blaming the whole of Mykonos because you were robbed, and in retaliation, you’re trying to impact their tourism and economy by telling people not to go there?” one commenter wrote, while another was all, “I got robbed in Miami....I don’t tell people not to go there...stupid post.”

Gigi was also accused of “defaming” the entire country and “slandering” the island, which seems sort of extreme.

If you’re looking for more details on the robbery, TMZ reported that Gigi came back to her villa one night to find all of her and her sisters’ belongings ransacked and stolen. Not an ideal situation!