Sweater Weather Got You Feeling Sad? Musician Natania Can Fix You With Her Latest Single

The LA-based singer tells Cosmo all about her latest track and how she handles social media pressure

“I have always been listening to music ever since I can remember. When I listened to Coldplay’s Fix You, I was so inspired to create music just like that,” says Natania.

After hitting the Indian music scene with tracks for the popular show Four More Shots Please! and collaboration with composer duo Sachin-Jigar, the singer is all set to drop her last single for the year, Sad in collaboration with producers Jimmie Gutch and Matt Ferree.

Inspired by a toxic relationship, the singer says the song may just turn out to be a cathartic yearend release for many out there.

“Even if we are sad, we love the comfort of familiarity. We crave it and end up staying a relationship that’s not doing anything for us anymore. It’s just a cathartic feeling to say ‘I love it when you make me sad’ because that means that I still care. It’s definitely twisted but it’s also a feeling that we all relate to,” she says.

Another thing that she relates to is the burgeoning Indie English pop scene in the country. Natania’s musical jams with Armaan Malik and Prateek Kuhad created quite a stir on social media. And, if a God of Music truly exists, there will definitely be a track featuring Jasleen Royal and Natania next.

“I worked on a song in LA with Prateek Kuhad and he is an amazing songwriter. So, I’d love to work with him again. Another person I love is Jasleen Royal. Her voice is so unique and her songwriting is so cool. I think that would be a really fun collaboration,” she says.

Natania lalwani

Even so, the views and hits game for an artist on social media is something that she cannot escape. But, Natania has a rather simple solution to keep zen. “I make music because I love it so much. I try to have a larger audience to get those likes, numbers and views. At the same time, I try not to dwell if something doesn’t work and just move on to the next song or the next project. I try and do ten different things at once. The key is just creating more and more content to put out there because something will surely be a hit if you’re consistent,” she says.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling the blues thinking about the long wait for season two of Four More Shots Please!, Natania has some beans to spill. The singer, who ended up writing almost 15 tracks for the series, is also making music for the upcoming season.

“That is actually a very special project for me because I got asked to work on it by Mikey McCleary, who is literally my favourite composer in the world. I am also currently working on the second season that I am so excited about. I heard the story before the theme song and then I also got to watch each episode while I was creating the music. I just feel amazing to be a part of the show that is shattering glass ceilings in India,” she says.

Does it mean that she knows how the series ends? Well, we suggest you press play Sad and give in to your feeeelss.