Everything you need to know about the "Who is Your Chicago?" trend

And when I am back in Chicago, trust me, I feel it too.

17 April, 2024
Everything you need to know about the "Who is Your Chicago?" trend

I remember scrolling reels on my Instagram feed a few days ago and all I could see were reels on the new “Chicago” trend. I can’t deny the fact that the song 'End of Beginning' is pretty catchy, but I was wondering if it was one of those meaningless Instagram trends that would enjoy a moment of virality and then be forgotten. But how did it become viral? “Why do GenZs and millennials romanticise everything?” I thought to myself as I watched all those reels. 

If your Instagram feed is full of these reels too, here’s everything you need to know about this latest trend. 

There's more to this trend than just a viral song

Soon after, I looked up the lyrics of the song—'You take the man out of the city, not the city out of the man…and when I’m back in Chicago I feel it'—I realised I was wrong. While there's a nostalgic element, it's not necessarily about romanticising the past. It's more about acknowledging the impact certain places (or people) have had on our lives. Whether it is our hometown, a city we lived in our 20s, or a person—maybe a best friend who has stood by you at every turn of life. At the end of the day, it’s all about our roots. Everything we learn and see as children shape us. It is just nice to express things without explaining them sometimes! 


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A trend that might just have a timeless effect 

The "Who is Your Chicago?" trend might not last forever, but the core message is timeless. It reminds us of the power places have in shaping who we are, and the importance of recognising the people and experiences that made us who we are today. 

I wave goodbye to the end of the beginning… and sometimes welcome it back

As I was writing this, I started questioning myself about who my Chicago is. After a lot of thought, it hit me—my Chicago wasn't a place, but a time. It was my childhood. The experiences, the people, the sense of self… they all shaped who I am today. Each visit back home is bittersweet as I return to who I used to be, for brief periods, before returning to who I am right now. You can take me out of my childhood, but not my childhood out of me. It is sad and it is sentimental. But at the same time, it's a reminder of growth, change, and comfort. And it’s extremely comforting to know that there are people out there who feel the same things as you.