5 Questions With Katrina Kaif

Having recently launched her beauty brand, Kay Beauty, in partnership with Nykaa, the actor spoke to Cosmo about her latest venture, her favourite beauty hacks, what beauty really means to her, and more...

Cosmo: You’ve been deeply involved in the making of all the Kay Beauty products. What did you learn about creating make-up versus using it?

Katrina Kaif: “It’s taken us three years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. While working on the formulations, colours, and textures, I knew exactly what I wanted from my make-up...that made the process a lot easier. When wearing it, I want my make-up to be long-lasting and to care for my skin. One of my pet peeves is when you apply lipstick and it starts drying your lips—that should never happen. That’s why we came up with these two terms when creating our brand: make-up that ‘kares’, with a K to go with my name [laughs], and make-up on-the-go.

Image courtesy: Pinterest


Kay Beauty 24 Hour Kajal in Spade, ₹249

Kay Beauty Matteinee Lipstick in Autograph, ₹799

Kay Beauty Metallic Lip Topper in Show Stopper, ₹699

C: What’s your favourite product from the range?

KK: “We’ll have new launches every month. But if I had to pick one from the latest drop, it’ll have to be the kajal. I love how it allows you to smudge it on the ends, enhancing the eyes.”



C: Has the definition of beauty changed for you, over the years?

KK: “It has...a lot. In your 20s, you’re still discovering who you are. But eventually, the more comfortable you get in your own skin, the more beautiful you become. To me, that is real beauty. It is also our campaign: #ItsKayToBeYou. It says exactly what I want to say to everyone. And make-up is meant to enhance your beauty, something for us to have fun with.”



C: What’s the best make-up tip you’ve learnt over the years?

KK: “That less is more. And instead of disguising your features, enhance them. But do it subtly: pick one feature and play it up.”



C: And what’s the one thing you wish you’d never done?

KK: “Actually, it would be something I wish I’d do: be more experimental on the red carpet. I have to be really pushed into trying new things, because I’m such a ‘classic make-up’ girl.”