"I’m the Kind of Person Who Just Won’t Wear It If I Feel Uncomfortable": Kareena Kapoor Khan

In a #CosmoExclusiveInterview, the actor speaks about the trends she adores, her wardrobe picks, and what’s keeping her busy ATM.

Mrs Khan, of the epic cheekbones, was recently in Bengaluru to launch a new collection at the Forever 21 store. We caught up with the actor on fashion trends, her go-to outfit and the most treasured item in her closet. 


Cosmo: What did you think of Forever 21’s latest collection?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: “I love it! This collection has a lot of dressy pieces, perfect for the party season and even otherwise. I can see a lot of stuff that I’d like to pick up!”


C: What are your wardrobe staples this season?

KKK: “A black, shimmery dress, a pair of distressed jeans, a jacket or a blazer, and a nice sweater.”


C: And your favourite trend?

KKK: “I’m actually obsessed with boots right now. I have over 100 pairs! They’re perfect for winter, but if I had my way, I’d wear them the whole year round and pack them for every trip, everywhere.”


C: What’s the one trend you can’t wait to get done with?

KKK: “Um, I can’t think of any. Anyway, I don’t stick to trends...I make my own.” [Laughs]


C: What’s the most treasured item in your closet?

KKK: “It would have to be my denim collection. I never throw away my jeans. Ever. If you consider heirloom pieces, then it would be my wedding outfit. It has been passed down between three generations—first my mum-in-law’s mum-in-law wore it, then my mum-in-law, and then I wore it. It’s something I will treasure forever.”


C: So how many pair of jeans do you own?

KKK: “More than 50...easily.”


C: And an item of clothing you regret buying?

KKK: “All the bodycon dresses in my closet! Because now, when I look at them, they make me cringe. I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t wear these!’. You know, after having a baby, I just can’t!”


C: Have you ever been uncomfortable for fashion?

KKK: “I’m the kind of a person who just won’t wear it if I feel uncomfortable. I would just put my foot down, and tell them honestly that I can’t.”


C: When not working, how long do you take to get dressed?

KKK: “You’ll be shocked...I can get dressed in under 20 minutes! My family and friends are always surprised. They all say, ‘Bebo is always the first one to get ready!”.


C: What’s your go-to outfit and make-up for a night-out?

KKK: “A pair of jeans with a nice jumper—maybe black, with some sequins—always works. The combination looks really chic. As for make-up, it’ll always be kajal—I love my eyes nicely kohled.”


C: Do you have a beauty hack?

KKK: “There’s no hack really, I have genetically good skin. But I make sure I moisturise it well and always stay hydrated.”



C: What are the top three products in your beauty bag?

KKK: “A primer, moisturiser, and a bottle of water...I drink a lot of water.”


C: If you could have a warning sign, what would it say?

KKK: “Red hot!”


C: What makes Kareena Kapoor Khan angry ?

KKK: “When she doesn’t get her food on time! I’m such a Punjabi and a big foodie... So whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it has to be on time or I can’t function.”


C: Who knows you the best?

KKK: “Saif [Ali Khan]...hopefully”. [Laughs]