#CosmoExclusive 5 Minutes With Celebrity Stylist Aastha Sharma

The stylist tells Cosmo the answer to the question on everyone's lips - Is athleisure out of fashion? 

While fashion might be the MVP of stylist Aastha Sharma's world, travel to gorgeous destinations comes a close second. We caught up with the stylish style savant for a quick chat and address some rreeeaallly important fashion Qs.

Cosmo: What are your biggest fashion turn-offs? 

Aastha Sharma: Crop tops for sure! They are not leaving in the near future but whatever…My forever peeve is kitten heels. I just hate that word only so much!

kitten heels

Cosmo: Do you think athleisure is so over? 

AS: I just feel in 2020 we are carrying forward the trends of 2019. But I don’t think so athleisure is ever going to die in a place like India. We love comfort so much! Plus with the kind of lifestyle we have and the travels we do, athleisure has sort of opened that market of comfortable clothing for us.

I, personally, don’t see that going out of Indian markets very soon. Truth be told, I'm kind of a fan of athleisure myself because I like comfort clothing that is trendy.

aastha sharma

Cosmo: What are must-haves in your travel bag that you simply cannot leave without? 

AS: It depends on where I am going, actually. But I have to carry my skincare routine products because I have sensitive skin and my dermatologist has prescribed a few basic products that I have to use.

A nice pair of sunglasses is very essential. Currently, I am switching between wearing a MiuMiu and McQueen – these two I have been carrying a lot lately. Then, boots are really important. I have been wearing my Louis Vuitton ones that I have recently bought quite a lot. So, I have been carrying them to summer and winter places as well.

A big travel tote is very essential and swimwear if it’s a beach vacay. Lastly, jewellery that goes with everything because I don’t like to overpack such as big hoops, a few chokers, rings! (I love wearing rings)