Kylie Jenner Just Dyed Her Hair Again and Returned to Her Signature Shade

She's no longer a redhead

When I say that keeping up with Kylie Jenner's hair colour is a full-time job, just know that's coming from someone who writes a story about the youngest Jenner's locks at least twice a week... and gets paid to do it.

Living the dream some might say.

I know by now that the Kardashian/Jenners take inspiration from everywhere, but mostly from each other. Which is why, when Kim dyed her hair Geri Halliwell red back in June last year, I should have known that Kylie would follow suit.

In December Kylie shared her newly dyed Princess Ariel hue and as much as I loved seeing her take inspiration from Dianne Buswell, I knew it wouldn't last.

On Thursday night, Kylie's hairdresser Glen Coco (the original) shared a video of Kylie with a fresh head of newly dyed hair with the caption, "BACK2BLACK".

Not only has Kylie returned to her signature (and my personal favourite) raven shade, but Glen also added some butt-length extensions that look incredible but also make my head hurt just looking at them.

A reminder of her red hue for all those people that blinked and missed it:


And now, with her trademark slicked side part ponytail. It's safe to say that the OG Kylie is back.


How long she's back for, I can't quite say. In fact I have no doubt that this time next week I'll be writing that she's reverted back to blonde.

Maybe I should start that story now...