Hailey Bieber Opens Up About "Crazy" Trolling "Disturbing" Her Mental Health

She's spoken candidly about getting therapy too

Although being famous may sound nothing but glamorous, the reality is that there can be some tough downsides too – as Hailey Bieber has discussed in a new interview. More than successful in her own right through her work as a model, Hailey is also well known for her marriage to singer Justin Bieber, something that's sadly seen her become the focal point for "crazy" trolls online.

Speaking about it candidly to the Evening Standard, Hailey also shared that the nasty comments and vicious rumours spread online can have an impact on her mental health. She also added that she tries not to pay it too much attention: "I think it’s a matter of not feeding into them. A lot of what social media is, is people projecting their own insecurities on to you. And people just lie. They make up all these crazy, weird lies that can be really disturbing for your own mental health."

One recent example of trolling includes a Selena Gomez fan (Selena dated Justin on and off for around seven years) encouraging others to sabotage one of Hailey's Instagram Live chats by bombarding her with questions about her husband's ex-girlfriend. Not cool. This particular incident even prompted Justin to wade in and post a statement saying, "I just wanted to share this so people get an idea of what we face on a day to day".

Justin and Hailey seen in LA, 8 October 2020

To manage the experience, Hailey added that she made the decision to undergo therapy and that the process has been beneficial. "I’ve had to work a lot of this through with a therapist, because it had got to a point where they’d [the bullies] gotten way too crazy for me, and I was really anxious all the time."

Being misconstrued as an unkind person also really impact on her wellbeing, the model, who has over 32 million followers on Instagram, explained. "The thing that bothers me the most is that a lot of people online really want me to be a not nice person. They expect me to be mean and they call me a bitch."

She also described cancel culture – and society's apparent willingness to cut people down over a mistake rather than letting them learn and grow from it – as being a "toxic mentality".

Thankfully, it sounds as though she's doing well now and is more than capable of rising above tragic internet trolls. Go Hailey, go!