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Madonna's Net Worth Proves She Is the Original Material Girl

Her money don't jiggle, jiggle—it folds. Hundreds of millions of times.

When you're only referred to as one name, of course you've reached icon status. Of course, this was true for Madonna, the Queen of Pop, eons ago. The legendary international singer and performer is synonymous with the entertainment industry, and she's made an absurd amount of money throughout her illustrious career. So, of course, it's time that we go into her extremely deep pockets to see what her coins are *really* talking about.


First thing's first: Her renowned music

Madonna has 14 solo studio albums, with her first one, Madonna, being released in 1984. According to Guinness World Records, Madonna sold roughly 335 million albums and singles since her start to March 2015. So, it's quite literally no surprise to anyone then that Guinness reported Madonna as being the best-selling female recording artist e-v-e-r. The only folks who beat her? Oh, just other icons Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

She made more than $408 million off of ONE tour

In 2008, Madonna kicked off the Sticky & Sweet tour in the United Kingdom. Just over a year later, the tour ended and Madonna had made history: The tour was the highest grossing tour ever by a female artist. More than 12 years later, and no one else has even come close to touching this.

Madonna has had several nine-figure tours, with her others bringing in more than $124 million, $194 million, $305 million and nearly $170 million in 2003, 2006, 2012, and 2015, respectively.


Her songs have been remixed and sampled more than 324 times

This is just *another* world record Madonna has broken, according to Guinness. And if you know a thing or two about music, you know that (1) sampling music is a huge nod of flattery and undeniable impact, and (2) it costs a pretty penny to be able to get someone else's music to use it for your own. And given the fact that this is MADONNA's music, oh, you know it wasn't cheap.

Oh, and then there's her robust acting career


Madonna has starred in a slew of major motion pictures, with perhaps her most noteworthy being A League of Their Own, and Evita, which earned her the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy. She was paid $1 million for her role in the movie, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her highest movie payday actually came three years prior when she cashed out on $2.5 million for her role in Body of Evidence. Plus, because she's a total badass, she negotiated and was able to keep the character's full wardrobe too. Boss things.

Did we mention she's a *businesswoman*?

Between securing deals with numerous brands for collaborations—from Pepsi to H&M to Dolce & Gabana—writing children's books, starting an entertainment company in 1992, and launching an international skincare line, Madonna has truly done it all. And it all made her a load of cash.

So, what is Madonna's official net worth?

Ahem, that would be just a h-e-f-t-y $850 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. I mean, I'm not shocked, but DAMN. And honestly, we just scratched the surface of all of Madonna's assets. Sheesh! Not too shabby for a girl who came to New York in the late '70s (fresh out of dropping out of college) with only $30 to her name.