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Kim Kardashian transports us back to the 90s with this layered flick hairstyle

Um, is it 1998?

Kim Kardashian may be wearing a luxe mirrored two-piece fashion statement whilst stomp[ing] (as her sister, Khloé puts in) down the streets of Milan but the one thing we cannot take our eyes off is her hair. Though, to be quite frank is it any surprise—I mean, the hair wizard that is Chris Appleton was, of course, involved. Forget Summer Of '69, we're being transported back to autumn 1998...

Now, if you've been anywhere on the realms of the internet as of late—and I mean, anywhere...Tumblr included (uh is that still a thing??)—then you would have seen the hype that was Kim Kardashian's Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Week collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana.

And as with any Kardashian-Jenner extravaganza (read: a product launch, campaign shoot, a red carpet event etc. etc.), Kim went all out to provide us with all the beauty hair looks. It's only fitting seeing as all eyes were on her. Quite literally, that is.

So, after her 'Luxe Barbie' updo, autumn hair refresh and the 'wet flip' bun, here we have yet another to add to our top-tier glam-spo files. And that is the layered flicky blowout that's giving us all the 90s vibes. Specifically, "1998" as Kim writes herself in the caption of her IG post.

Kim K

As shown, Keeks is looking as chic as ever with Chris having styled her hair in soft layered curls. The root and mid-lengths of her hair hold the volume, whilst the ends provide the flick and bounce. This, along with her swooping side fringe is giving 90s Pam Anderson vibes to a T.

If ever a time to recreate this look, it would be now and forever. Basically, it's timeless! Cue me stomping around Leicester Square with this 'do come tomorrow.