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Meghna Kaur Kaushal a.k.a @shetroublemaker on the growing creator economy and beating the algorithm

Making people smile is all the trouble she’s here to make. 

’Pretty much just like you’ is what her Instagram bio reads. Content creator Meghna Kaur strives to connect with her audience and followers with everything she does. The influencer gained immense popularity a few years ago through the then trending app—Ask.FM—and her career trajectory has been nothing short of incredible. With varied passions and interests such travel, beauty, and fashion, Kaur has since launched a clothing brand in collaboration with Freakins and also worked with MyGlamm to launch her line of eyebrow pencils. She’s walked the ramp for Falguni and Shane Peacock and collaborated with India’s top designers including Gaurav Gupta and Shantanu and Nikhil. But her favourite moments are the intimate and personal connections with her audience, and what keeps her going are her nearest and dearest ones. Cosmo India gives you a sneak peek into the entrepreneur and influencer’s journey so far, and where she’s headed.  

Cosmopolitan India: How has your journey as a content creator evolved? What is your aim with your content?

Meghna Kaur: I think, you change with changing trends. For me it’s always trying new things and seeing how it works out for me in my personal life as well as for my page. I’ve learned so much on the creative front. My perspective about things is different. I learn something new every day from my fellow content creators and how they look at life. The beauty of the digital space is that we, as users, have influence over what’s coming—how would you like to see apps and tech companies evolve over the next few years? What role do you want social media to play in your day-to-day life? etc.. If we play our cards right, we can be the determining factor in content creation for our age. 

Meghna Kaur

Cosmopolitan India: Tell us the story behind the name 'Shetroublemaker.'

Meghna Kaur: As a kid, you think about a handle that will sound really cool, and I really felt this would be unique and catchy.

Cosmopolitan India: With the creator economy booming, how do you strive to create your own niche? 

Meghna Kaur: The trick here is to know what your audience wants before you create it. Just be yourself. Don’t try too hard, because the audience is very smart. Make life easy for yourself and write about what you already know, your audience will thank you for it.

Cosmopolitan India: Would you say being relevant is also important? How do you approach it?

Meghna Kaur: I’d say it’s very important. Not being relevant is my biggest fear. There are a couple of things you can do to stay relevant: connect with your audience as much as you can, post consistently, pay attention to trends, partner with other content creators and lastly, be authentic. 

Cosmopolitan India: Did trolling ever affect you? What have been your greatest lessons on this journey? 

Meghna Kaur: I am a very emotional person; every little thing affects me. I used to have a really hard time dealing with trolls;still do, sometimes. You get thick-skinned along the way. For me, I try to focus on the positive comments more because for every hate comment there are a hundred messages of love, which is a lesson in itself.

Meghna Kaur

Cosmopolitan India: Any thoughts on the growing creator economy? 

Meghna Kaur: The creator economy is now a multibillion-dollar industry; it’s building the careers of some of the biggest celebrities. Successful content creators are often compared with film stars and celebrities because of the fame and admiration they earn among their followers. Today, audiences feel a more personal connection with creators than celebrities and with increasing monetisation on platforms and access to tools, creators can make a living off of their content. With an increasing number of people becoming creators, the economy will only grow.

Cosmopolitan India: Tell us about your ventures in makeup and clothing. 

Meghna Kaur: I had a capsule collection with Freakins for a denim collection and I launched an eyebrow pencil with MyGlamm. 

Cosmopolitan India: Social media influencing requires you to stay consistent, how do you get yourself to do that? 

Meghna Kaur: Honestly, staying consistent comes naturally to me because I enjoy making content. Wherever I go, I’m always recording for my audience because I want them to feel like they’re with me. 

Meghna Kaur

Cosmopolitan India: What do you do on the days you feel uninspired? 

Meghna Kaur: Sometimes it just seems like it’s all at a stand-still. But don't worry; it’s normal; it happens to everyone. I change my physical environment,  when I feel uninspired. I usually go for a walk or try something new—it can be anything; cooking, singing, dancing. Do something new not only to grow your creative background but to give a refreshing break to your usual practice. Take a trip with your family or your best friends and enjoy your time together.

Cosmopolitan India: Thoughts on beating the Instagram algorithm? 

Meghna Kaur: The Instagram feed algorithm has changed a lot over the years. Interaction with the audience is one way to beat the algorithm, constantly sharing reels, using Instagram stories stickers, engaging captions, can help, too. 

Cosmopolitan India: What keeps you going? 

Meghna Kaur: Quite a lot of things, but most of all, my family. In addition to this, it is the thought of success, of hard work being paid off, of saving enough money to travel the world, of making my parents proud…that keeps me going. I want to open an oldage home, one day. Also, the simple joys of life: chilling with my friends, having fine wine, eating good food. And most of all, what keeps me going is that I’m in love with being alive each day.

Meghna Kaur

Cosmopolitan India: What have been some of the most memorable career highs? 

Meghna Kaur: There have been quite a few; but the most recent one is doing my very first TVC for Dettol and meeting Paris Hilton. 

Cosmopolitan India: What makes you happy?

Meghna Kaur: Family and relationships.