Ariana Grande’s hair is verging on pumpkin spiced latté and we’re freaking out

Orange hair for the szn of orange.

By Lia Mappoura
25 October, 2023
Ariana Grande’s hair is verging on pumpkin spiced latté and we’re freaking out

Ariana Grande with pumpkin spiced latté orange hair was certainly not on my October bingo card. But then again, neither was consuming an entire pan of mac 'n' cheese at lunch today... alas, here we are, friends.

Just short of 24 hours ago, the singer-song writer-meets-actor-meets beauty mogul (Grande has her finger in every [pumpkin] pie, clearly), shared a 10-part Instagram carousel post debuting what looks to be freshly coloured hair.

Now, while many fans in the comments section seem to be pre-occupied with the goats by which the star is surrounded – I mean, she redirects the focal point with the post's caption: "ag7: goat mother,"what had the Cosmo Beauty Desk bleating (soz) with joy was her warm hued locks.

See all that we're talking about below:

Ariana Grande

If you zoom into the updowhich, also seems to be extension-free, BTWit would appear as though Ariana has added a gloss of orange-toned colour into her previously blonde head of hair. She couldn't get any more autumnal or Halloween if she tried! Love!

Having said that, it's difficult to assume without full disclosure from Grande herself. For all we know, the colour could be the result of a filter or perhaps she has ditched the purple shampoo in favour of a brassy blonde tone.

I guess the only plausible option to confirm our suspicions would be to keep our fingers on the pulse of Grande's IG page (aka, stalk her every minute of every hour). Guess not much needs changing, in that case!

Stay tuned...

Credit: Cosmopolitan