Hailey Bieber wears both the micro bra and sheer trend at the same time

Or.... is that actually a string bikini? 🔥🔥

By Natasha Harding
04 February, 2023
Hailey Bieber wears both the micro bra and sheer trend at the same time

Hailey Bieber is really leaning into the 'less is more' fashion trend this year, repping everything from thong bikinis and sheer lace dresses to micro mini skirts. And, despite the cold weather, the Rhode founder is doubling down on the high-summer attire. In fact, for her latest outing, Hailey went for one of her most daring looks yet, layering a totally see-through mesh top over a micro bra. Unsurprisingly, she looks absolutely incred because, well, she's Hailey Bieber.

The 26-year-old is currently in Canada and, no matter where she is, Hailey reliably shares chic style inspo on Instagram. Overnight, the star attended a Tiffany & Co. party in Toronto and, for the occasion, she wore a sheer, Y2K-inspired outfit. Up top, the model went for a long-sleeved black crop top which is totally transparent. Underneath, you can see a tiny matching micro bra with triangle panels and string-like ties which meet at the back, reminding us of a bikini top. Hailey finished the look with a pair of low-rise flares (which are a whole vibe in their own right, might I add) and layered silver jewellery details.

Hailey shared snaps of her look with her 50.3 million followers, along with the caption, "A night in 🇨🇦".

Aaaand here's a closer look at those flares, with Hails posting a slightly blurry selfie on her Stories:

Hailey Beiber

Fans are obsessed with the newest post, commenting:

Sheeeeeshhhhh 😍

Angel 👼🏼

My jaw? on the floor

Queen 🥹🤍✨

The hair the sheer!!! I can’t get enough!


BRB - I'm totally copying Hails' latest look this weekend.

Credit: Cosmopolitan