Hailey Bieber’s backless dress plunges all the way down to her bum

It's actually surprisingly elegant.

By Morgan Fargo
27 September, 2023
Hailey Bieber’s backless dress plunges all the way down to her bum

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Hailey Bieber is having a big year. From launching her sellout skincare line Rhode in the UK to cutting a truly perfect bob, filming her juicy Who's In My Bathroom YouTube series and spearheading an entire glazed aesthetic, she's making big girl decisions left and right.

This week, she's in Paris, attending fashion shows and looking drop dead gorge. First, she tried the no trousers trend (and looked amazing doing it), then she wore a plunging backless dress that immediately went into our "want" folder.


Elegant and understated, her floor-length gown is relatively simple, the breathtaking moment happening when she turns around. Cut from below the shoulders to scrape her ribcage and plunge to below her lower back, the black dress is infinitely cool.

Worn to the Saint Laurent show in Paris, Bieber's ensemble slotted in perfectly with the famous company she kept, Elvis' Austin Butler being a notable mention.

This isn't the first time Bieber has dabbled in backless dressing. In fact, we can rattle off a few occasions the Rhode founder has favoured the style, including a years-ahead-of-the-trend, Barbie-inspired pink backless dress designed by Alexander Wang for the 2019 Met Ball.

Credit: Cosmopolitan