Hilton announces global partnership with Deepika Padukone for ‘Hilton. For The Stay’ campaign in India

Amidst the boom in India’s travel sector, Hilton partners with Deepika Padukone to shine the spotlight on Hilton’s world-class offerings and signature hospitality.

Hilton announces global partnership with Deepika Padukone for ‘Hilton. For The Stay’ campaign in India

When two powerhouses collide, magic is bound to happen, and that's precisely what's going down as hospitality giant Hilton announced a global ambassador partnership with Indian actress, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Deepika Padukone. The partnership is an extension of Hilton’s first global marketing platform, ‘Hilton. For The Stay,’ in India, spotlighting why it matters where you stay amid continued demand for travel in the region. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as these trailblazers redefine luxury travel.  

This partnership is a milestone one for Hilton as it underscores its commitment to expand in the Indian market. Known for her resilience, innovation, and global outlook, Deepika Padukone is the perfect fit to represent Hilton's ethos of luxury, excellence, and unparalleled hospitality. With her finger firmly on the pulse of modern India, Padukone embodies the spirit of today's discerning traveller—adventurous, stylish, and always on the lookout for unique experiences. 

Mark Weinstein, chief marketing officer, Hilton, explains, “Deepika’s iconic status in India coupled with her ability to effortlessly bridge tradition with modernity makes her the ideal brand ambassador for Hilton.  Through our partnership, we look forward to exploring Deepika’s unique, authentic Hilton Stay experiences.  The stories we’ll tell together will inspire travellers from across India to join Hilton Honors and experience their very own Hilton Stays.”

Padukone’s commitment to mental health advocacy and philanthropy was recognised with the prestigious Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum in 2020, and she has been honoured as one of the TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World. 

In July 2022, Hilton unveiled 'Hilton. For The Stay,' a campaign driven by consumer insights that shed light on the realities and challenges of travel. This initiative emphasises the pivotal role of your accommodation, underscoring how 'The Stay' can either enhance or hinder any journey. As part of its hyper-localised strategy for the Indian market, Hilton is set to delve into the unique preferences of local consumers in the upcoming months, through a blend of market research and this synergy with Padukone. 

Expressing her excitement for this global ambassador partnership, Padukone says, “I’m proud to be partnering with a global brand like Hilton to share the importance of The Stay for Indians worldwide. My generation works extremely hard, and we want to see value in the experiences that we choose to invest in. What I love about Hilton, is that they truly understand the importance of The Stay. A hotel stay can absolutely make or break a trip. Having your needs anticipated and looked after even before you step into the hotel lobby lets you know that you’re well taken care of. I look forward to creating lasting memories with Hilton and sharing them with the world.” 

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene backwaters of Kerala, Hilton and Deepika are gearing up to take you on a journey like no other. With their hyper-localized approach, they're not just offering a place to stay; they're curating unforgettable experiences that celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian culture and hospitality.

Hilton is gearing up to make a big splash in the Indian market, with 25 operational hotels and an additional 17 in the pipeline. Through its global ambassadorship with Padukone and the 'Hilton. For The Stay' campaign, Hilton is reaffirming its commitment to India. These efforts form a crucial part of the company's broader strategy to boost brand recognition and solidify its position in the competitive hospitality landscape in India. 

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