Lana Del Rey’s ‘stretched mullet’ and fringe hairstyle is beyond country

There's just so much going on.

29 November, 2023
Lana Del Rey’s ‘stretched mullet’ and fringe hairstyle is beyond country

Lana Del Rey has always been a hair icon, sporting mesmerising retro looks as part of her time traveller charm; but this is not her typical beehive. Have you ever seen a fringe so big and thick it basically turns the rest of someone's hair into a mullet? Well, you're about to.

Appearing in Harper's Bazaar, Rey is sporting a fringe and/or bangs (depending on your vocabulary) so big it's kind of giving cartoon Beatles (as in the band, not a bug).

Lana Del Ray girl, is that you? You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a short style, that she was off to another 'Everyone dresses as Kris Jenner' party thrown by the Kardashians. But that's why we can justifiably call this a stretched mullet because BOOM. Pardy in the back! Her hair is worn long and sailing down to her waist.

And did she just bring back dip-dye? Because the golden ends to her dark tresses are way more high contrast and abrupt than balayage. It looks cute here, but please don't get back into DIY dip-dye or as I liked to call it back in 2013... dunk-dye.

She looks so country when matched with that double denim shirt and jeans, and we're not complaining.

Other snaps from the shoot are a completely different style sans-fringe, so it could be clever styling or it could be a hairpiece or even a whole wig. We don't know and that's ok, this isn't science, this is art.


Credit: Cosmopolitan