Radio jockey-turned-content creator Karishma Gangwal talks about the power of staying true to yourself

The sensational digital content creator talks to us about her transition from an RJ to the funny girl on the gram.

Radio jockey-turned-content creator Karishma Gangwal talks about the power of staying true to yourself

Karishma Gangwal is Pretty Sensational. Read on to know what makes the digital content creator #MoreThanPretty with Mango
Cosmo: Give us an insight into your journey of starting out in the world of radio and comedy? Also, which of the two professions would you choose?

Karishma Gangwal: Since my childhood, I have had a burning desire to pursue my passion. The idea of being in front of the camera has always fascinated me, and I knew that it was something I wanted to do. To me, it wasn't just a fleeting dream but a lifelong ambition. I understood early on that, to achieve this dream, I needed to take steps towards building my skills and confidence.
Once I started a career in radio, I wanted to do more than just voice work…I wanted to step in front of the camera. Radio became a powerful stepping stone for my dreams; it not only helped me gain confidence but it also gave me time to reflect on what I truly wanted to pursue. In fact, it provided the perfect platform for me to hone my abilities and gain valuable experience before venturing into video content creation. It was all part of the plan—first, establish a solid foundation in something that felt right, and then follow my passion.

Being a radio jockey has been a valuable learning experience for me, and I have cherished it. However, it was my passion for continuous growth and exploration that led me to pursue content creation. I believe that when we have a strong desire to keep pushing ourselves, there is no need for comparison between different experiences. Each one teaches us valuable lessons while fulfilling our aspirations. Satisfaction comes from the journey of constant discovery.

 C: Team Cosmo thinks that you are ‘Pretty Sensational’. Tell us what, in your opinion, makes you 'More than Pretty'.
KG: I believe what makes me ‘More Than Pretty’ is the combination of originality and self-confidence. Embracing my unique qualities and staying true to myself sets me apart.
Also, it’s a deep-rooted connection I have with my heritage and values. No matter where life takes me or whatever achievements I may attain in the future, I will always remain connected with my roots. This sense of humility keeps me grounded amid success, reminding me of who I am at heart.
My unwavering determination makes me ‘Pretty Sensational’. It’s not just my drive to surpass previous achievements and set new standards for what is possible, but also about constantly challenging myself creatively while staying true to who I am as an individual.
 C: We love your content, which is mostly inspired by real life. Take us through your creative process. Also, how much of a role does humour play in connecting with people?

KG: My creative process is deeply rooted in my childhood as a keen observer. Whether I'm at a hospital, wedding, or party, I have this innate ability to grasp the essence of my surroundings. My eyes and ears are always open wherever I go; my creative glance remains active at all times. When creating content based on real-life experiences, I meticulously observe and absorb every detail of my environment. From there, I craft characters in my mind and add humorous punches to serve an engaging experience to my audience.
While humour plays an important role in my content, relatability holds even more power. People should be able to relate to the experiences depicted in the content. Sometimes, when I feel like my content lacks punches, I rely on the element of relatability to engage my audience effectively, and I strive to strike a balance between humour and relatability in my work.

C: Talk to us about the impact you want to make through comedy.

KG: As a social media personality, I understand the responsibility that comes with influencing others. People look up to me and it's important for me to be mindful of how I portray myself and what messages I want to convey. Being a comedy influencer, my goal is to bring about positive change in people's lives.
In today's fast-paced world, where stress seems to be an ever-present companion in our careers and daily lives, I aim to create a happy place for my audience. When they consume my content, I want them to feel uplifted and lighthearted. It's about providing them with moments of joy amid the chaos they may experience elsewhere. I aspire to be the source of happiness for people, reminding them that life is too short to be consumed by stress. If I can bring smiles to even two to three per cent of people, and make their days a little brighter with my content, then I consider it a victory in my personal battle against negativity.
C: How do you manage to stay relevant in an already saturated influencer space?

KG: In the saturated influencer space, staying relevant is a constant challenge. However, I believe that by remaining true to my audience and myself, I have fostered an engaged community that has grown alongside me. When you grow together with your audience, relevance becomes less of a concern because you are already in sync with their interests and needs.
C: How do you cope with any backlash you receive?

KG: Personally, I've trained myself not to let negativity affect me too deeply. It is essential to remember that not everyone will like you or resonate with what you do—just as there are things even I don't like personally.
If we constantly focus on those who try to pull us down or criticise us unfairly, our vision remains fixed on the ground instead of looking towards progress. In this field especially, it is crucial for creators to strike a balance between acknowledging constructive feedback from supporters and staying true to ourselves without allowing the opinions of detractors holding us back.

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