Sydney Sweeney is unrecognisable as a mousy haired, makeup-free brunette

The blonde bombshell is an actual shape-shifter.

02 December, 2023
Sydney Sweeney is unrecognisable as a mousy haired, makeup-free brunette

Being a blonde bombshell is very much Sydney Sweeney's vibe, so you'd be forgiven for not recognising her after this major on-set brunette hair transformation. BTS shots just hit the internet of her filming for her new movie Eden, in Australia, and it being down under makes a lot of sense because honestly, it's like Sweeney's in reverse (the actress herself, not the Aussie city, though we just realised how confusing that was).

Her sunny blonde hair is replaced with a simple and modest brown, curled and set into a low bun for the period movie. Meanwhile, there doesn't appear to be a scrap of makeup on her face (though given it's a film there probably is). And her pale blue polka dot dress buttoned to the collar and falling past the knee, is definitely not to be found in Cassie's Euphoria wardrobe that's for sure.


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We know acting is about becoming someone else, but considering there are no special effects makeup or CGI here, it's quite wild how much she looks like a different person. While we may not have recognised who it was immediately, nothing could stop her from being beautiful.

And she's not the only looker in the movie; described as a 'survival thriller' about explorers in the Galapagos islands, the film also stars Vanessa Kirby, Jude Law, Ana De Armas and Daniel Bruhl. Intrepid Explorer isn't typically my genre of choice but sign me up for this one!

Credit: Cosmopolitan