Yami Gautam on motherhood and shooting for ‘Article 370’ while pregnant

Actor Yami Gautam and director Aditya Dhar are expecting their first child, isn't that the greatest news ever!

09 February, 2024
Yami Gautam on motherhood and shooting for ‘Article 370’ while pregnant

Yami Gautam is expecting her first child with her husband Aditya Dhar. The couple, who tied the knot three years ago, surprised fans with the announcement at the recent trailer launch of her film Article 370, sharing that she is now five months pregnant.

More than the news of her pregnancy, it was her revelation of having to film portions of the movie pregnant, which garnered attention.

Her take on balancing pregnancy with work

Gautam, currently in her second trimester, admitted the experience was "mentally taxing." Yet, it was her dedication to the project and "responsibility as an actor" that kept her motivated. Thankfully, by the time she discovered her pregnancy, Gautam only had dubbing scenes to shoot. (But well, maintaining secrecy added another layer of complexity!) The actress even expressed gratitude to the doctors who discreetly monitored her well-being and acknowledged the challenging nature of balancing work and motherhood.

How her mother inspired her

Gautam shared how her own mother inspired her, “I was also inspired by my mother; I’ve seen her work through pregnancy. We Indian women are stronger than we give ourselves credit for,” said Yami when talking to the media.

Her statement sparks a conversation about balancing personal and professional lives, especially during pregnancy. Each woman’s body is built differently, and each’s experience during pregnancy is subjective. While some choose to step back, others, like Gautam, demonstrate the power of determination.

How the new-to-be parents maintain their privacy


Yami Gautam and Aditya Dhar's relationship backstory highlights their journey from colleagues to partners. They first met when she was shooting for Uri, a film directed by Dhar.

Their intimate wedding in Himachal Pradesh, which saw only 20 of their closest friends, added a subsequent amount of surprise on Instagram, further reflecting their privacy preference.

The news of Yami Gautam’s pregnancy doubles the excitement! Not only are we anticipating the release of Article 370 but we’re also eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little one! We can't wait to see what the movie has in store for us, and of course, shower Gautam and Dhar with our best wishes as they embark on this amazing new journey of parenthood.