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Alia Bhatt is All Set to Hit Your Mobile Screens With Her Very Own Smartphone Game!


Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt has collaborated with Moon Frog to launch her very own experiential game'Alia Bhatt: Star Life' and it's a treat for all Bollywood fans out there.

"I can't express my excitement enough to launch this game and offer my fans a fun way to experience life in the movie universe," said the Dear Zindagi actor.

"While it's my game, I feel the best part is that it places the fan upfront and centre and provides a wonderful experience," she added.

Alia also revealed how she met with the creators of the quirky, fun game, "I first met the Moonfrog team in Goa around a year ago when I was filming Dear Zindagi and it's been amazing to see just how much work goes into building a game that works on so many interesting levels."

The game is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.