Who Has a Bigger D*ck, Dwayne Johnson or Zac Efron? Priyanka Chopra Answers...

... alongside some more scandalous questions.




Priyanka Chopra is taking Hollywood by storm, and is all set to mark her Hollywood debut film, Baywatch, alongside hunks, Dwayne Johnson, and Zac Efron.

During her promotional spree, she appeared on Andy Cohen's chat show, Watch What Happens Live. And notoriously, he put her on the spot, which this very controversial question. "Who has a bigger d*ck? The Rock, or Zac Efron?"

It started off quite clean, and innocent, when he asked, "who has a bigger trailer", but he couldn't help himself, and swapped "trailer", for "d*ck". To be fair, that is a wayyy more interesting question.

Poor Priyanka, was caught off guard, and left stunned. But she finally, well subtly, answered the question, we've all been curious to know!

This is what she said, "The 'trailer' was Dwayne... and Zac. Similar sizes."

Is it just us, or is that full of euphemisms?

Watch the video below, to see her answer some more scandalous questions, about her hot co-stars.

[youtube ]https://youtu.be/G4U6pAzheE4[/youtube]