5 Dark Secrets About Karan Johar, That Were Revealed On Koffee With Karan!

#2 is *ROFL* kinda funny




We have been acquainted with some saucy secrets and hilarious moments, from the lives of all our fave Bollywood celebs who have graced the 'infamous' couch, on the sets of KWK. There were some memorable moments on the show that gave us a sly peek inside the life of the person who hosts the show, i.e Karan Johar. Call it a foot-in-the-mouth moment, or induced humor at play, we sure enjoyed witnessing those moments on the show.

Here's a quick recap.

1. Karan Johar has aced in judging people around him, whether it's people's fashion quotient at celebrity parties or the host's crockery!

"On one birthday of mine, he has made fun of all the guests, in front of their faces! When that got over, he started, making fun of my crockery and cutlery!" - Farah Khan


2. Following his childhood bestie, Twinkle Khanna aka Tina's advice, Karan apparently tried to escape from boarding school, but failed miserably!

"I got up at 4 o'clock in the morning, following Tina's advice to run away from boarding school. I didn't roll down, I fell, I didn't know the slope was so steep! So I rolled, reached the bottom of the hill, and there was this Nepalese watchman who started shouting on me!"

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3. Karan Johar gets inside SRK's trial room to help him assess his clothes, when they're out shopping. *urmm, what?*

"He takes me out shopping, and then he pushes it. First, he'll tell the person who's helping us out, that I'm gonna choose it for him. Then he walks inside the changing room with me, which is life's most embarrasing moment for me!"- Shah Rukh Khan

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4. According to Kanagana Ranaut, Karan Johar is the "flag-bearer of nepotism" in the industry, and would play the role of a movie-mafia in her biopic!

"In my biopic, if ever its made, you'll play that stereotypical Bollywood biggie, who is like you know, very snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders, the flag-bearer of neptism; the movie-mafia!" - Kangana Ranaut

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5. As confessed to Priyanka Chopra, apparently phone-sex is his go-to thing, due to a self-proclaimed dearth of other conventional means of getting laid. LOL!